Entertainment Spotlight : Geek Star Productions

How did Geek Star Productions get started?

My background is in acting and film production. Central Florida is the perfect place for film production. Here we have everything needed to produce high quality films. Geek Star Productions was actually born from a combination of my clothing brand, Eye Am Geek Clothing and advice from my friend Ty Hunt who owns Light Hawk Studios. I was talking to him about shooting some scripts I had written or trying to get someone else to shoot them for me, and he basically told me to bet on myself and be the master of my own creative endeavors. So from his advice, Geek Star Productions was created. 

What do you want visitors and locals to know about Geek Star Productions that they may not already know?

Geek Star Productions is a company that wants others to bet on themselves as well. The motto of GSP is very simple: Dream. Create. Record. Visitors have the chance to be a part of one of the shows GSP produces like Drunken Love TV. If they stay follow us on social media, they may find us at a location and have the chance to be featured on the show.

Is Geek Star Productions just for the Orlando area?

We are based out of the Orlando area. However Rob Wight is the co-host of the show Drunken Love and he travels quite a bit. Whenever he travels, we are always looking for people to be a part of the show. We will keep followers updated on our social media sites.

What’s next for Geek Star Productions?

Currently we are looking to build our team and company. We want to eventually produce high quality, full feature films that showcase the talent here in Central Florida. The dream is to help turn Central Florida into a Hollywood style film destination.

Describe Geek Star Productions in 5 words or less

Creative…Innovative….Dreamers….Launch Pad

What social media does Geek Star Productions use?

Currently we have a Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Channel. All are under the name Geek Star Productions.

My personal website is http://www.iamwilljohnson.com

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