Learn About Zenescope Entertainment!

How did zenescope get started?

Zenescope Entertainment was founded in 2005 by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco. They originally wrote screenplays together and realized that writing comics uses a similar process. After putting together some creative teams, Joe, Ralph and crew launched our flagship title Grimm Fairy Tales and did some licensed work as well, such as the comic adaptation of the movie Se7en. 

What do you want visitors and locals to know about zenescope that they may not already know?

The main takeaway I would want people to get who see us for the first time is this: there’s a lot more to the company than beautiful covers and pinups. Sure, we’re known for our variant covers, but we also have the largest female-driven shared universe in comic books, and Grimm Fairy Tales is one of the longest-running independently published comic books ever. I’d just like everyone to approach our titles with an open mind; I promise if you’re a fan of comics, there’s something for you to like in one of our books, whether it’s something fantasy-related like Grimm Fairy Tales, or extremely gritty like The Courier.  Visitors should know that our office is pretty messy, sorry in advance. Also, the VA hospital is next door, it’s not the door with Sela on it drawn by J. Scott Campbell. That one’s us.
How has zenescope grown since it started?
Zenescope has grown into one of the most recognized independent comic book and graphic novel publishers in the world. We publish and develop both original and licensed comic books and graphic novels such as Grimm Fairy Tales, Neverland, Return To Wonderland, The Courier, The Library, Inferno, and Spirit Hunters to name a few. Some of Zenescope’s past and present publishing and media partnerships include Discovery Channel, History Channel, CBS Consumer Products, New Line Cinema, Scholastic, Titmouse Studios and several others. We also have made some moves in the film and TV industry, with a show on SyFy inspired by our Van Helsing series, a Robyn Hood short film (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RH-wRgxFaU), and an upcoming Grimm Tales of Terror film.
Was there a pitch for a story that didn’t make it to print because it went too far?
We’re still waiting for a pitch that goes too far, bring it on! We like to push the envelope, so there really haven’t been many times where something doesn’t happen in a book the way it was pitched. I was informed there was an idea for some severed genitalia action in Wonderland back in the day, and that was shut down. There was some wild stuff going on in that original Wonderland trilogy, that’s my favorite trilogy of ours. That incident was well before my time though, as long as I’ve been here everything’s been printed. [SPOILER WARNING] One of my personal favorites was when Hellchild split open Jezebel’s head completely in half at the end of Hellchild: The Unholy #4. We don’t shy away from gore here, and Renzo [Rodriguez, artist] knocked that one out of the park. Very gnarly. 
What’s the craziest thing to happen when promoting zenescope?
For me personally, I think the craziest thing that happens is when really talented and awesome cosplayers follow us and cosplay as some of our characters. My favorite so far was a recreation of J. Scott Campbell’s cover that you can see on the Wonderland omnibus. The models and photographer all did an incredible job with that. Also, me and my good friend, our VIP & Sales Manager Kirby, used to do videos every week introducing and promoting the new books. She gets recognized all the time at cons from the videos which is pretty cool. Nothing too crazy on my end since I’m more behind-the-scenes, but it’s always great to see people caring about what we do here. I think Eliza Dushku posed with a cosplayer one time that was dressed as Van Helsing, that’s pretty cool. Buffy the Vampire Slayer rules. 

What’s next for zenescope?

We have lots coming up. We’re finishing out the rest of the year with some con appearances (http://blog.zenescope.com/2017/01/2017-convention-schedule/), a few

in-store appearances, as I said the Grimm Tales of Terror movie is in the

works, and we’ll be putting out lots more comics as usual. We have a few

titles that are a bit different than what you’re used to seeing from us.

Those would be The Black Sable and Vessel, both more on the sci-fi side of

things rather than fantasy or horror. Keep your eyes peeled!

What social media does zenescope use?
We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, and YouTube. I run

all of those, come say what’s up!

Describe zenescope in 5 words or less

Fun, craziness, family.

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Learn About Tallahassee Comic Con!

How did Tallahassee comic con come about?

Tallahassee Comic Con came about due to three things.

1. We needed to grow up as a convention and ALT*Con has always been viewed as a Mom & Pop convention. We were never taken seriously. That needed to end.
2. That being said, we were still growing and needed to become more organized. After the Nicholas Brendan debacle. We realized that once I left the convention to deal with him, no one else knew what to do. That hurt us in many ways. We needed a group of professionals to run the convention, not just two people with some helpers.

3. The final reason was we needed the convention to be it’s own entity as opposed to an event put on by another company, like ALT*Con was. So Tallahassee Comic Con Inc. is a Florida 501c3 Charity and is run as such. It is it’s own entity with a Board of Directors which I am the President of and it’s own Officers. Now it is no longer just my decision, everything we do has to go through a board meeting and get voted on from the guests we bring in all the way down to where we purchase a table from.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about Tallahassee comic con that they may not already know?

Most importantly we want them to feel at home. We want them to realize we will never sell out to a corporate shell. We are a locally owned business, we live right here in Tallahassee and often times when you are handed a flyer that is one of the Board of Directors handing it to you. You may be standing in front of the President of the convention and have the perfect opportunity to ask questions or voice concerns. We actually do all of the hard work ourselves. We want their input on things, who do they want to see as a guest. At the same time they need to understand that you don’t just “invite” someone to be a guest, you have to pay for them. We have no problem bringing Peter Capaldi in, as long as they understand that our tickets would go up to $75/Weekend overnight. We can bring in much bigger names, but without support from local businesses or higher ticket prices, it simply isn’t realistic.

How can people be a part of Tallahassee comic con?
That one is easy. Simply go to our website athttps://tallahasseecomiccon.org/index.php/attendee-info/volunteerand follow the directions. Or simply go to our Facebook page athttps://www.facebook.com/TallyComicConand send us a message.

What can attendees expect at Tallahassee comic con?

Well it is a comic con, so of course you can expect comic book artists, writers, inkers and dealers, vendors selling things from numerous fandoms, film/TV stars from different eras of pop culture like Naomi Grossman from American Horror Story, voice over artists like Beau Billingslea, and others that we have not even announced yet. Demonstrations from different organizations like the SCA, displays from groups like the 501st and other. They can expect entertainment which we have yet to announce, after parties, the Muggles & Magic party on Friday night that will involve the different houses competing for limited edition swag. A lot of things will be going on.
What social media does Tallahassee comic con use?
Simple enough, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and then of course our own website.

Describe Tallahassee comic con in 5 words or less.

TCC, The Place To Be.

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Learn About The Alzheimer’s Association!

How did the Alzheimer’s Association get started?The Alzheimer’s Association was founded in 1980 by a group of family caregivers and individuals interested in Alzheimer’s research. The mission of the Alzheimer’s Association is to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research, to provide and enhance care and support for all those affected, and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health. Our vision is a world without Alzheimer’s.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about the Alzheimer’s Association that they may not already know?

Many folks don’t know that there are over 5.5 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease. This number is set to increase to over . In Florida, more than a half-million people a million by the year 2030. In Florida, more than a half-million people are currently diagnosed—making the Sunshine State the second highest state in the country for prevalence. 

 Alzheimer’s disease is the only Top 10 leading cause of death in America without a prevention, treatment, or cure and is currently the most expensive disease in the country. In 2017, the United States will spend over $259 billion in caring for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia making it the most expensive disease in America. Despite staggering statistics, the Alzheimer’s Association remains optimistic that the first survivor of Alzheimer’s disease is out there. 

How has the Alzheimer’s Association grown over the years?

The Alzheimer’s Association has grown drastically over the past (almost) 40 years is serving families living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias in communities all around the nation. Locally, we are providing care and support to over 5,000 people living with Alzheimer’s in the Big Bend Region through training and education programs, support groups, and our new Memories in the Making(R) program. We also offer a 24/7 toll-free helpline at 800.272.3900.

How can people become involved with the Alzheimer’s Association?

We’re gearing up for our 2017 Walk to End Alzheimer’s, and we’d love your help! This year’s Walk will be held on Saturday, September 16, 2017 at Cascades Park. Check-in will begin at 8:00 AM and the opening ceremony will begin at 9:00 AM. Visit act.alz.org/tallahassee to register your team and join in the fight against Alzheimer’s today!

What’s next for the Alzheimer’s Association?

The Alzheimer’s Association has a heavy focus on research and advocacy on the National scene. We are advocating in front of Congress for increased funding to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for Alzheimer’s research funding, as well as policies that will help families living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. In fiscal year 2017, Congress approved an increase of $414 million to funding to NIH for Alzheimer’s research, and we are hopeful that Congress will again increase funding by another $400 million in fiscal year 2018. Additionally, the Association is working with scientists all around the world to find better forms of treatment, prevention, and– ultimately– a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

What social media does the Alzheimer’s Association use?

You can follow the Central and North Florida Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and on our blog ! Also be sure to join the Tallahassee Walk to End Alzheimer’s Facebook Group! Be sure to use the hashtag #ENDALZ! 

Describe the Alzheimer’s Association in 5 words or less

Working together to end Alzheimer’s.

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Meet TaReef KnockOut!

tareef knockout 1.JPG

📸: @luxlvrs

Where did TaReef KnockOut come from?

TaReef KnockOut originally came from my friend Michael “Murkem” Wright who at the time around 2010 called me “KO” for my ability to “knockout” songs with my punchlines and record them in a quick time. I’m Muslim, so I later added TaReef which is Arabic, and means rare or uncommon to complete the acronym of “TKO”. And that’s what I feel my style has brought to the music industry and business moving forward. I’m striving for my legacy to be up there with the all time hip hop heavyweights.

Who/what has been an influence in your music?

Man, I have so many influences musically I can’t name them all. A few of my favorites are Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West and Tupac. Of the new age rappers J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Nipsey Hussle. I listen to a lot Hip-Hop obviously, Jazz, and Reggae music as well as alternative music which has molded my sound over the years and continues to grow with time.

How has the industry evolved over the years?

It has become a microwave society in recent years and consuming music is way easier for fans to attain via internet streaming services etc. The great thing about it is that new artist(s) are being discovered daily, but the flip side of that is I feel like good music isn’t appreciated collectively anymore. A majority of people now consider new music old after only a few weeks of being released which is sad personally. Only real music will last when it’s all said and done.

What’s the craziest thing to happen at a show?

Definitely having people who I’ve absolutely never met or seen in my life come up and tell me they’re a huge fan of my music. It’s extremely humbling to hear. I had a show recently where a few fans were there for a show I opened and they asked me to play a song I didn’t have on my set that night. I chuckled on stage in rebuttal and couldn’t believe it ,”they know my music?!” But that’s always cool and one of the great things about performing live, you never know who might show up.


What brings people to your shows?

If you’re a true fan of hip hop music and respect the passion behind it then come to my show(s). More recently people have showed up because they want to see me perform live to resolve their internal uncertainties about me and my music. Once you leave from one of my shows it’ll give you a much clearer vision and understanding of who and what TaReef KnockOut is all about.

What’s next for you?

Musically, the second half of 2017 will be amazing and I’m super excited. I’m currently working on a new song for the Florida State Football team this season, which will release this August. I have a new album in the early stages of development. And I have teamed up with a local domestic violence activist group to do a song on promoting healthy teen/adult dating which will be coming later this fall. I’m always working on new ways for branding/marketing so expect more TaReef KnockOut merchandise as well to wrap up the year.

Where can people find you on social media?

You can easily find me worldwide @ TaReef KnockOut on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud and YouTube. Make sure to follow me and subscribe! You can also check out my official website at http://www.tareefknockout.com



Describe TaReef KnockOut in 5 words or less?

I believe I will fly.

tareef knockout 2.JPG

📸: Robert Jenkins

tareef knockout 3.JPG

📸: @theaxiommag

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Learn About Agoldphoto!

How did agoldphoto get started?

I worked for Humane Society of Broward County from 2013-2015 and managed the website and social media. They asked me to take over the photography program when I was about 6 months into the position. At that time, I didn’t know anything about photography or working with animals, but I spent the next 8 months watching YouTube videos, practicing and training volunteers. After taking photos of shelter pets 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, I got pretty good at It.

I moved to Tampa in December 2015 to take a role as a Marketing Manager. I started volunteering at Humane Society of Tampa Bay in April of the same year and I was just taking adoption photos for their website. They asked me to host a Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser in July of 2016 and the two-day event sold out. I was posting my photos on IG and someone reached out from Ft. Myers. She asked if I ever make it to that area and If I would come to her house for a photo shoot. I gave it some thought and decided to reach out to the Gulf Coast Humane Society to host an Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser and that one sold out too. They suggested I reach out to Humane Society Naples and that event sold out. 

Since my first event in Tampa, I have hosted over 50 Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers and have raised over $30,000 for the animal shelters and charities I have worked with. I was just hosting events in Florida, but now I am traveling the country. In June, I traveled to Colorado and hosted 3 events there. That trip was so successful that I am going back in September and at the end of July, I am going to Vegas to do in-home pet photos shoots. 

I quit my full-time job as a Marketing Director on May 1, 2017 to work on AGoldPhoto full-time and will never look back. 

The event for the Leon County Humane Society is part of my 30th Birthday Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser road trip. I am traveling from Tampa to DC and stopping in…

– Tallahassee

– Jacksonville

– Asheville

– Greenville

– Charlotte

– Atlanta

– Baltimore

– DC

You can learn more about the road trip at 


What do you want visitors and locals to know about agoldphoto that they may not already know?

I have a very unique style. These are not your old school pet portraits. The photo sessions are just the pets and you can think of them as what would normally be outtake photos. My photos are aimed at showing your pet’s true personality. 

What’s the craziest thing to happen at a photo shoot?

Nothing too crazy has happened, but the most unique animal I have taken photos of have been hedgehogs. That was for a cooperate photo shoot for Take Your Pet to Work Day. 

How did the road trip come about and how can people become involved in it?

I wanted to see my grandmother who lives in the DC area and now that I quit my job, I have the time to do it. I also love road trips so I thought it was a great way to see the country, raise money for shelters, visit family and wake up every morning loving what I do. 
What social media does agoldphoto use?

IG, Snapchat and FB 

Describe agoldphoto in 5 words or less

Best job in the world

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Learn About The Pedicabgo App!

How did the pedicabgo app come about?

Pedicab go came about from knowing I was missing out on potential rides. The only return rides I was getting were from business cards I would hand out or entering my actual phone number into the customers phone. I thought what makes other modern ride hailing companies successful? All of these companies have an app, so after asking around and doing some research I found that there isn’t really that for pedicabing. So I thought if the customer had an app to contact me, I wouldn’t have to worry about customers losing my card or forgetting my name after I entered it into their phone.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about the pedicabgo app that they may not already know?

Visitors and locals should know that pedicabgo’s primary goal is to get you in contact with your rider as fast and easy as possible. Your pedicaber usually will also know where the best places to get a bite to eat are, the best local bars and almost always know the fastest route to get there.

How does the pedicabgo app help simplify the pedicab industry?

Pedicabgo’s mission is too not only make finding and contacting your pedicab driver very easy, but too eliminate the uncertainty of coordinating a ride. Far too many times have I asked a customer where they needed to be picked up, then to find out they were actually 1 block the other way. With pedicabgo’s google map finder we hope to eliminate those scenarios when your customer sends their exact google map location.

How has the pedicabgo app grown in the short time since it’s launch?

Even though Pedicabgo app is fairly new, we’re already getting a lot of great feedback and support. Pedicaber’s accross the nation have downloaded the app and are even making feature requests that are being put into the latest updates. Hopefully this can continue and pedicabgo can grow along side the pedicab community.

What’s next for the pedicabgo app?

Pedicabgo is currently building the iphone app, and we’re on target for a release in the next couple of weeks.

What social media does the pedicabgo app use?

none really except instagram: PedicabGo

Describe the pedicabgo app in 5 words or less

Find your pedicabber, and ride!

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Learn About Bar Trivia With Hank!

How did Bar Trivia with Hank get started?

I used to play trivia on a regular basis in a local restaurant, but when our host moved my team decided to take some time off. Not long after, a friend who was working at a local biker bar – The Rusty Bucket – asked me to run a trivia night for them. She said they’d pay me in beer. Everything went great, and a few weeks later they suggested paying me in cash because I was drinking all their beer. About the time the Rusty Bucket closed in 2011, a group of grad students scouted me to host a night for them at the Corner Pocket. Six years, thousands and thousands of rounds, many different venues, and god knows how many beers and here I am, a professional Trivia Host.


What do you want visitors and locals to know about Bar Trivia with Hank that they may not already know?

I am a Trivia Host because I love facts and information. I write every question (except the obvious ones – 10 Final Jeopardy questions, something like that), and I try to tailor them toward the individual venues and what players enjoy. I always take requests, but I don’t do straight up sports rounds. I tend to run a geekier night, but my hope is that everyone who plays has fun.

Also, if you have never played you may not know about Hoarders’ Delight, something you only get at Bar Trivia With Hank. That’s where I pull the name of one team out of my tip jar every night and they get to take home some random stuff that’s been taking up space in my car or house. Anything from a broken modem to a machete, a Batman poster to a used waffle maker. Everybody gets a chance to win!


How has Bar Trivia with Hank grown since it started?

By leaps and bounds! At the Bucket I had a half dozen teams of a few people each, using trivia as a way to kill time while they did some Monday drinking (I am a big fan of Monday drinking). Not I run a steady five nights per week, from Proof in Railroad Square to Northside Pies out Thomasville Road. I’m proud to be one of the only people in the south – maybe even in the country – making my living as a professional Quiz Lord.


What’s the craziest thing to happen at a Bar Trivia with Hank night?

Things can get a little loud and rowdy, but never all that crazy. It’s bar trivia!


What’s next for Bar Trivia with Hank?

Bigger! Better! Badder! More music rounds! More dorky stuff! I’ve been doing themed nights on Mondays at Under Wraps (an entire night built around one topic instead of my usual style of 5 rounds with a different topic each) and that’s a ton of fun.


What social media does Bar Trivia with Hank use?

Check me out on Facebook at facebook/bartriviawithhank for schedules, puzzles, and hints.

Describe Bar Trivia with Hank in 5 words or less

Drunk nerds winning free beer.

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