Learn about StayingIn Online

How did StayingIn Online come about? – StayingIn Online came about in the fall when Wyatt Wilkes and myself were eating tacos in College Town and had the idea that we could cook them from home just as good, if not better, ourselves from home.

How has it grown in the short time it started? – We have grown through our customer base and our website development. Our website looks much cleaner than when we first started and the ordering process is much easier now.

What makes people choose this over other meal prep options out there? – What makes people choose us are the options. With every restaurant we add to the site, we get 5 new recipes for people to make from home. Also, we are the only meal prep service that offers cooking videos from the restaurant’s chef.

Do you think this model would work in other cities and why? – I absolutely think it will work in other cities. There are plenty of quality local restaurants in every city that can benefit from this.

What’s next for StayingIn Online?
– What’s next is our expansion through Tallahassee. We are planning on adding 20 local restaurants to our website by the end of August.

What’s your capital city pedicab connection?
– My Capital City Pedicab connection is through Mike Goldstein. Mike has always been a fun guy to run into whenever I’m walking through College Town or leaving a football game.

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Meet Director Matthew Manyak

Capital City Pedicabs Blog Interview
How did you get into film making?

  • Believe it or not, filmmaking wasn’t the first ‘thing’ I got into. It was writing. My dedication for writing and storytelling came out of a severe depression I went through during my elementary school years. There were several points during this lengthy depression that I contemplated suicide, and one point in particular where I came close to committing the act. I prepared myself to commit, but as I approached that point of no return, this voice – call it God, or the universe – popped into my head with the words, “If you do this, there’s no hope for what could be.” So I stopped, and thought to myself for a moment. Then, I made myself a promise. I would give myself one week to find that ‘thing’ that would get me out of the abyss I was in. If I found it, I would stick with it for the rest of my life, come hell or high water – and if I did not, I would come back and finish what I started.

  • Within that week, I picked up the pen and started writing. Eventually, the passion for writing was not enough. I needed to do more. I wanted to bring the stories I was writing to life – which meant the stage or the screen. At the time I wasn’t big into stage plays, but I loved movies. So I decided to pick up the camera.

  • Needless to say, over a decade later, I haven’t put it down.
    What inspires you to keep at it especially during covid with the entertainment industry slowed down?
  • Part of the blessing of going through what I went through that early on in my life is the
    comfort of knowing that that was absolute zero. That was the floor. That was the worst that things could get. Everything else would be above that. So from a personal, mental/emotional standpoint, I knew that ‘this too shall pass.’

  • Though looking at the industry, the entertainment world will surely not be the same as it was pre-COVID for quite some time. But in this pandemic, the opportunity has surfaced for indie filmmakers that have smaller crews, less overhead, and ultimately more flexibility to out-maneuver some of the larger studio behemoths. For a time, the studios were at a total standstill, but some small indie production crews were able to go out and make films – of course, outside of what the CDC would consider ‘safe operations,’ and get those films to potential distributors to jump in on the void created in the studio release timeline.
    What’s the craziest thing to happen during a film shoot?
  • There’s so many examples of crazy things to happen during a film shoot that I’ve witnessed. From random bystanders not understanding what is going on when a pickup truck filled with bloody guerrilla riflemen veers around the corner (though we supposedly had the road blocked off) to hearing a distant rumble that sounded just like an explosion at precisely the right moment that the scene called for the talent to hear a distant explosion (I have no claims of being God, but that day some people might think I was a close second)! Capital City Pedicabs Blog Interview
    What’s next for you?
  • I’m currently producing two feature films. One, “After the Fall,” which a successor to my semi-viral 2017 short film of the same name, is currently in post-production and we are aiming for a release next year. If you love The Walking Dead or enjoyed playing through The Last of Us, you’ll definitely enjoy the film. The other project is titled “Metronome,” which is shaping up to be the biggest production I’ve worked on to-date. I can’t share too much on that as of yet but any fan of Inception or Se7en should keep their eyes peeled for this one!

  • Aside from that, I’m hard at work growing my own digital marketing company, providing services to small businesses and marketing solutions to independent projects ranging from video production and photography to web design and social media management.
    How are you so motivational and optimistic with everything going on in the world currently?
  • Going back to one of your previous questions, having gone through what I went
    through in my elementary years conditioned my brain to see even my lowest lows today as lightyears above that day I nearly committed suicide. What is playing out in our world is, in a word, crazy. But if there’s one thing that has kept me going throughout all of this, it’s that notion of ‘this too, shall pass.’

  • As an entrepreneur, however, you can either change with the times and adapt, or watch what you’ve built crumble to dust as the world alters around you. The COVID-19 pandemic, and the radical changes we are seeing play out across the globe are chaotic and hard to keep up with, but if you can master your mind, and train your brain to see the opportunity that exists within times of adversity – and most importantly, take action on that opportunity – there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.
    What’s your capital city pedicab connection?
  • Although I’ve only recently begun to develop a connection – and ultimately, a friendship – with Mike, during the short time I attended FSU I fondly remember seeing him cycle students back and forth across campus with a smile on his face. While my business has taken me to other campuses across the country, I have yet to see another person do what Mike is doing in Tallahassee. His commitment to the people of Tallahassee is commendable, and even from a distance I can see him always going the (literal) extra mile to now become a cultural icon of the city – at the very least, when I think of Tallahassee, I can’t help but see Capital City Pedicabs.
    Also send back any pics you want to go with this and be sure to share it when it’s up.
  • See attached.

Matthew Manyak is a filmmaker, author, and serial entrepreneur based out of St. Augustine, Florida. An alumni of Florida State University, Manyak has helped create and develop branding strategies and creative content for a diverse, international portfolio of companies ranging from the entertainment world to the personal development sector. He operates his personal business as a full-service Digital Marketing Specialist, all the while pursuing an burgeoning career in the film industry where he is best known for his work on the Amazon Prime series “Deathless,” and the acclaimed short film, “After the Fall.”
Social:• Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/directordoublem/ • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DirectorDoubleM• LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthew-m-887891b8/ • IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8164477/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0• YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-LPh77Ml7wLw0kaxJKSGDw
Other Links:
“Deathless” on Amazon Prime:https://www.amazon.com/Deathless/dp/B08NLDYCC4 “After the Fall” Short Film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gd7hvgA8gr0&t=1s

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Athlete Spotlight : Andrew Boselli

How has football had an impact on your life?Football has taught me many important life lessons as well as connected me with people that I will be friends with for life.
What was it like to play for FSU?How did you get through covid with your family and team?It was a blessing to play for FSU. FSU has some of the best fans in the country as well as a staff full of amazing and supportive people. I will always be a Nole for life. Getting through Covid with my family was difficult at times due to my dad getting seriously ill from the virus. But once we got through that as a family, it was a great opportunity to spend time together as a family. Once I got back to Tallahassee, get through Covid wasn’t too tough because I was so excited to get out of the house and get back to training.
What do you miss most about college/being a part of FSU?I miss being surrounded by my peers and best friends. Tallahassee is a great city with tons of fun activities that I will forever miss.
What would you want to tell others who are trying to make it on and off the field?I would say that there is no substitute for hard work. I was never the most physically gifted athlete on the football field, but through hard work and understanding the concepts I was able to start at Florida State.
What’s your capital city pedicab connection?Mike is my guy. He was a huge supporter of the football team, on the field and on social media, as well as the star of Recess. Mike is known all across town as a great dude with some serious dance moves.
People can follow me on @andrewboselli on all social media.

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DJ Spotlight : Xander

How did you first get into producing music?- So to be honest with you I currently don’t produce music although it is something I want to eventually do. I DJ, a lot of people mix up producers with djs, not saying that someone can’t be both they’re just two different talents and areas of expertise. DJing wise, I’ve always been involved with music. When I was a little kid I was always the kid at the family parties trying to grab any instruments around me or if there weren’t any I’d just be dancing around. Once I reached second grade I actually joined my school Chorus which was actually a cool experience. We (the chorus) got to sign on TV with Gloria Estefan for a Christmas event that was recorded at Bongos in Miami. After that, in 7th grade, I decided to take a band elective. To this day I would say that was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my musical career just because of how much musical knowledge I gained. I ended up being in the band through the rest of middle school where I was able to learn how to play the trumpet and numerous amount of percussion instruments. Even though being in the band was something I enjoyed I wanted to do something else with music where I would have complete control of what I wanted to play and any other creative ideas I would have so I decided to buy a $50 controller from radioshack at 13 and start teaching myself how to DJ. From then on out it started with just djing in a bedroom, to playing at house parties in high school, and then slowly getting my foot in the door at different clubs and venues.
What’s the craziest thing you’ve been a part of?- To be honest with you every event and every night has been their own experience. Now I can’t sit here and say every event was insane or just as crazy as the last one but I just love what I do and I can confidently say almost every night is crazy in itself. One notable memory I do have was playing at Life in Color in Miami back in 2017 when I was only 18. I had gone to the festival as an attendee 2 years prior to that and told myself I would not go again until I was performing. 2 years later I was given the opportunity to perform at the festival in a massive tent they had next to the main stage. I think Marshmello was actually performing at the same time as me on the mainstage so although I was excited to perform at the time I didn’t think the tent would be full. Turns out it started raining right before I was supposed to hop on. Whether that was a factor or not, when I got on stage there was a sea of people and the tent was filled all the way to the back which took me by surprise. Although I had already played at multiple venues and events before, the energy from the crowd I received that night was one that I had not yet experienced at the time.
How has Covid affected your gigs and how has it been now that things have opened back up?- Covid really affected me at first. I mean as everyone knows clubs were closed for months so that meant two things. I wasn’t being able to DJ at venues for months and I wasn’t getting paid for the time being. Honestly, it has been a blessing that things have opened back up here in Tallahassee.
What’s the one event you haven’t worked yet that’s on your Dj bucket list?- I don’t know if I have one specific event I would be able to name to answer this question but I am yet to play at Story or LIV which are some of the larger venues located in Miami which is my hometown so I would definitely love to be able to play there. But besides that, I always look forward to being able to play at a new venue or new city.
What’s your capital city pedicab connection? Mike himself. Shout out to Mike! The man is always supporting and showing love!
I can be followed on Instagram/Soundcloud/Twitter @DJXANDER305

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Have you heard about Cinefunk Productions? Well now you will!

How did cinefunk productions come about? Cinefunk was the end result of a production company started when I was younger originally named Daft Funk Productions. After we moved on from that I morphed it into the name it is today as everything in the film industry is named Cine- something. As for all the media/social presence, that came about because I had the gear and I’m a Nole, so it just seemed natural to combine the two. The content of course is a pseudo-reflection of my bizarre humor, with the replays being for those that don’t have access to the games. No one should have to miss them Noles.
What’s the craziest thing you’ve been a part of in Tallahassee? I’ve never been arrested in Tallahassee.
How has being a part of the film industry shaped you over the years? The industry is cut throat, and you sink or swim. You learn how to work with anyone, on a multitude of projects from big blockbusters, to mayo commercials, all the while dealing with different environments, whether that’s hanging off a building, wadding in a stream or sitting in a comfy studio on an apple box. It also taught me how to run a business as that was essential what I was as a freelancer, selling yourself through your work every job.
How did you get through 2020? Quite frankly, after the year I had, I’m still pondering that myself.
What’s next for you? 2020 was so wild for me, I’m not sure what to expect, but I feel its gonna be good.
What’s your capital city pedicab connection? You, you are my connection you sexy harry bastard.

Follow them on @cinefunkmedias

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Athlete Spotlight : John Moschella

How has football had an impact on your life?

I think the lessons that you learn from sports in general are invaluable. Football specifically has so many lessons that helped prepare me for life. How to work together to achieve common goals, how to put others above yourself, how to deal with failure and disappointment, and how to mentally overcome that and move on to the “next play”. Football lessons you learn continue to apply for the rest of your life, life is a team game. 

What was it like to play for FSU?

Playing for Florida State was such an amazing opportunity. The experiences that I had were once in a lifetime, and I would not trade them for anything. There is also a huge amount of responsibility. Regardless of how much you played in Saturdays there was a standard that had to be held each and every day, on the field and off it. You represent so much more then yourself when you wear that jersey, and it’s really an honor to have been a small part of that legacy. 

What have you done since graduating?

Since I graduated from Florida State, I’ve started my career with as an analyst with NextEra Energy. NextEra is the largest renewable energy provider on the planet, and even eclipsed Exxon as the largest energy company by market capitalization in the US this year.

What do you miss most about college/being a part of FSU?

I miss the feeling that Tallahassee has. I don’t feel like words give it justice, but the best one I can use to describe that feeling is freedom. Every single person that was apart of my time in Tallahassee really made it special for me. I think I am always going to miss that perfect bubble in time. 

What would you want to tell others who are trying to make it on and off the field?

It’s important to always understand the scope of what you are doing. Everything should be a means to an end. Make sure you are doing your best in everything you have on your plate, even if it feels like it is unrelated to your current goals. Working hard and trying your best tends to bring about some positive externalities. 

What’s your capital city pedicab connection?

Even before I went to Florida State, I remember seeing the pedicabs when my dad brought me to a game when I was in high school. At the time I thought it such a unique and awesome part of Tallahassee and the FSU experience. After I went to school there, lived in Tallahassee, and met Mike I got to experience the part that capital city plays in the community. If there is an event, Mike is there. 

I think that everyone that has gone to Florida State is going to have these little blips that stick out to them when they come back to visit Tallahassee. Whether it’s the vibe of college town the night before a game, the walk back to your apartment or dorms after a game, the McDonald’s on Tennessee street after The Strip on Saturday night. Mike and Capital City Pedicab are going to be one of those small pieces of so many peoples memories during the best time of their lives. Mike may not remember every person that has ever hitched a ride with him, but everybody that has will always remember the pedicabs in Tallahassee.

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Athlete Spotlight : Michael Barulich

How has football had an impact on your life? The impact that Football has had and continue continues to have on my life is immeasurable. There has been countless opportunities that has been presented to me and I’ve met so many great people throughout my career playing this game. I’m very grateful for it.

What was it like to play for FSU? Putting on the spear every Saturday was such an honor for me. I remember my first time running out of the tunnel was one of the greatest moments of my life. Representing such a prestigious brand is something I’m very proud of. Tallahassee and NoleNation have a special place in my heart for life.

What have you done since graduating? Since I graduated back in December I went overseas to play professionally. Now I’m back home this off-season to prepare at a shot at the NFL/XFL/CFL.

What do you miss most about college/being a part of FSU? There’s so much about being at FSU that I miss, but if I had to point one major thing it would be the good times with my teammates. We had some of the best guys you could ask for and the laughs, the late nights, and early mornings are all things I miss greatly.

What would you want to tell others who are trying to make it on and off the field? My main advice to guys that want to be successful in college is to use the help they have available to it. Don’t think that you’re too cool for something. If you need something, like tutoring, ask for it and they’ll help you. You can’t reach your goals on the field if you struggle in the classroom.

What’s your capital city pedicab connection? Capital City Pedicabs has always been very kind to my teammates and I during my time at FSU. “Pedicab Mike” we like to call him has always been there to provide us with rides when we needed them.

Social Media:IG: @mikebarulich

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Happy Holidays, here’s a locals guide on what to do while you’re here!

It’s that time of year again… when the locals come home for the holidays and those who stay are trying to figure out what to do as well!

Here’s our recommendations for where to go while you’re here!

Check our Hangar 38 and District 850 for your family entertainment needs!

The Railroad Square Art District has you covered for shopping, eating, drinking and more! There’s no shortage of things to do here.

Enjoy some of the parks we have here such as Tom brown park, Cascades Park, etc.

Explore FSU and FAMU campus while the students are virtual. There will be plenty of parking spots available and beautiful campuses to see!

Walk around downtown and midtown for some great photos, restaurants and more!

FSU college town has food, drinks and shopping! With the students home, now is the perfect time for the locals to takeover!

The Palace is still here too (and a tradition)! We just thought you’d want to know in case you miss it!

There’s plenty we missed so check out visittallahassee.com for more things to do!

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8 years later we are still here and rolling along!

It’s crazy to think we started this journey back in late 2012… somehow we are still here and making it happen in these strange times. It’s been quite a ride so far.

When we first started out people didn’t know who we were or what we did, now we can’t go anywhere without being recognized. It took a while but we finally got the branding down.

Thanks for the support and being along for the ride with us so far… here’s to many more years to come!

Here’s some media we have been in over the years as well :







Mike Goldstein

Capital City Pedicabs


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Business Spotlight : Jeri’s Midtown Cafe

How did Jeri’s midtown cafe get started?

I wanted to continue on the legacy of Paisley Cafe. I liked everything they did and what they stood for. So I put my own twist on it.

How has Jeri’s midtown cafe grown since it started?

We’ve been able to reach a bigger audience with a better social media presence. We also have great neighbors such as Midtown Reader who support us in their marketing efforts as well!

What brings people to Jeri’s midtown cafe?

The customer service and sandwiches!

What’s next for Jeri’s midtown cafe?

We just want to continue to love on people of this community and fill their bellies with love on a plate.

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