Learn About The Recycled Wedding Market!

How did the Recycled Wedding Market come about?

The idea for the Recycled Wedding Market grew from discussions of Sustainable Tallahassee’s Three R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) committee. The Three R’s committee is committed to minimizing solid waste disposal through prevention and reduction while increasing reuse and recycling.  Several committee members looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of local weddings brought the concept of the Recycled Wedding Market back to their respective businesses.  From there, the idea took off and the committee decided to launch the event.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about the Recycled Wedding Market that they may not already know?

The Recycled Wedding Market is a fundraiser for Sustainable Tallahassee.  Accordingly, although sellers keep 100% of the money from the items they sell, all entrance and registration fees go to Sustainable Tallahassee.  In addition, the Recycled Wedding Market is provided by Aveda Institute Tallahassee, Social Catering and Events, and Green Party Events – all of whom are committed to reducing the environmental impact of Tallahassee weddings.  And the event is proud to partner with media sponsor Northwest Florida Weddings Magazine.

What brings people to the recycled wedding market?

The Recycled Wedding Market is an upscale flea market – of sorts – for all things wedding related.  For newly-married couples, the event is an opportunity to recoup some of their wedding costs by selling their gently used wedding items.  For recently-engaged couples searching for bargains or a way to make their wedding a little less wasteful, the Recycled Wedding Market is a chance to pick up needed items – from décor and linens to even a wedding dress – without paying the full retail price.  The event also features professional wedding vendors and artisans, so it reduces the stress and carbon footprint of wedding planning by offering a one-stop shop.

While the practice of reusing wedding items is by no means novel, the vision of the Recycled Wedding Market is completely on trend, as use of vintage, repurposed and DYI wedding items is taking the spotlight.  Couples increasingly are looking for stylish upcycled items like window panes, furniture pieces and doors, as well as mismatched china, eclectic vases, and vintage linens.  Getting these items easily and inexpensively, however, can be a challenge. Online resources often require a shipping fee and don’t allow for the opportunity to see, touch, smell and inspect the item before purchasing.  And even if a couple does find the used items locally through Craigslist, a thrift shop, or a nearby buy-and-sell group, there can still be a good deal of transportation and coordination involved.

What’s next for the recycled wedding market?

After all of the planning, what’s up next for the he Recycled Wedding Market is the event itself!  The Recycled Wedding Market takes place from 12 – 3 pm on Sunday, February 25, 2018, at the Aveda Institute Tallahassee on Pensacola Street. Tickets can be purchased at a discount at:  https://www.eventbrite.com/myevent?eid=38887009091 and they also will be sold at the door.  If you are interested in selling wedding items, consigning your wedding dress, or for further information, go to:  http://www.greenpartyevents.com/recycled-wedding-market.html

Describe the recycled wedding market in 5 words or less

Eco-friendly, smart, unique, impactful, fantastic

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Learn About One Fresh Pillow!

How did One Fresh PillowTM come about?

The idea for One Fresh Pillow was born out of Aaron’s desire to help his massage therapy clients and my frustration with shopping for pillows. Shortly after starting his massage therapy practice, Aaron noticed that many of his clients were suffering from specific neck and back pain. When he asked them questions to get to the root of the pain, a majority of them would say they didn’t sleep comfortably and were unhappy with their pillow.At the same time, I was in pillow buying hell. As the person buying pillows for the household, I got tired of the typical pillow-buying routine: go to the store. Squeeze plastic-wrapped pillows on the pillow aisle. Settle on something that doesn’t seem terrible. Get it home, take it out of the plastic, hate it, throw it in the closet and start all over again. There was one blissful time I actually found a pillow we liked. When it was time to buy new pillows again, THE STORE DIDN’T CARRY THEM ANYMORE. Our struggles inspired us to help people find a supportive pillow, and then to make sure it was always available to buy again when they needed a replacement.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about One Fresh Pillow that they may not already know?

We will be launching the world’s first pillow subscription service this spring. Not only do we want people to realize the importance of sleeping on a supportive pillow, we want them to realize the importance of replacing their pillows on a regular basis.

How has One Fresh Pillow grown in the short time it started?

We officially launched One Fresh Pillow in June 2016. Back then, we knew almost NOTHING about starting a business, so it’s difficult to quantify how much we’ve grown. It took from inception to December 2017 before we were actually shipping out pillows to consumers. Since the beginning of December, our pillows have been in the hands of customers, and these few weeks have been the most exciting part of the business so far. We’ve had extremely positive reviews, and we love knowing that we are already helping so many people get a good night’s sleep.

What brings people to One Fresh Pillow?

The majority of people who become customers are unhappy with their current pillow. They want something that will help them get the quality of sleep they are looking for. Having a massage therapist as a co-founder and co-creator gives us a level of credibility that differentiates us from our competitors.

What’s next for One Fresh Pillow?

Our subscription service will launch in the spring, and it will redefine the pillow industry as the first company in the world to offer pillows on a subscription basis. Consumers have been conditioned to see pillows as a long-term product rather than something that needs to be replaced on a regular basis. We are excited to educate consumers on the benefits of sleeping on a fresh pillow.

We are also looking forward to starting a recycling program to divert our pillows from the waste stream. This is another service that no other pillow company is providing. With consumer purchases of pillows happening more frequently, it is equally important to dispose of old pillows responsibly. Our recycling program will work hand-in-hand with our subscription service.

What social media does One Fresh Pillow use?

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Describe One Fresh Pillow in 5 words or less

A pillow revolution

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Learn About Off The Bluff Farms!

How did off the bluff farms get started?

The short answer is my love of food and flavor had a chance meeting with its first homegrown tomato and I just wanted to share that experience with the world.

The long answer is a series of events from being kicked out of my biology major, to happening into an urban planning class that re-sparked my passions, to a Sustainable Tallahassee committee that allowed me to focus those passions on the local food system, all were events that played their part. In that same time under some sad circumstances I was able to move into a house with a yard, the freedom to dream, and that fateful tomato plant.  Combine that all with a love of working with my hands, food, people, nature, and biological systems I was really just following my gut, both figuratively and literally.  I love the Steve Jobs quote ” you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” and that’s how I feel about the journey to start Off the Bluff Farms. I could point to a lot of things that led me here but what it comes down to is I really found a for love growing good clean food, and a love for the enjoyment it brings to others.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about off the bluff farms that they may not already know?

There was a long time I thought I wanted to be a chef. To be honest, had I not listened to the well meaning advice about how hard the work and the hours were (joke’s on them #farmer) I might have gone to culinary school over college. Though, that love of the culinary arts has not disappeared, it has just been refocused. I strive to find the most flavorful plant varieties and grow them to their peak freshness – providing the building blocks for a Michelin star meal, not only for chefs, but for anyone who buys from Off the Bluff. Just like any good chef I’m also constantly checking up on food trends and experimenting with little known and exotic crops. Exploring new possibilities on the plate never gets old to me and although they’re not all winners, who knows maybe we can discover the next kale together.

How has off the bluff farms grown since it started?

So glad you included a question about growth so I could drop some farm puns. Well we’ve had a lot growing on since the seed for Off the Bluff was planted (see what I did there, just getting warmed up). We’re still just the seedling of a tree we hope will fruit for years to come. Ok Im done, but really Im a first generation farmer so there has been a lot to learn about growing, not just the needs of each plant but also the commercial production techniques that take a plot from a being a garden to a farm. I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to network with some incredible small farmers from around town and around the country who have helped me take huge leaps forward and I honestly wouldn’t be here without them. We’ve come a long way since that seed germinated (whoops snuck another one in) but still feel its just the beginning for us.

What brings people to off the bluff farms?

I’d like to think its the combination of the stunningly good looks of both myself and my produce but the reality is when we’re set up at market it’s definitely our beautiful hand painted sign from my more creative half.

What’s next for off the bluff farms?

We’re working on an expansion now so a lot of soil building is in our immediate future. Beyond that we’re looking forward to start cultivating relationships with more of the awesome local restaurants we have in town and just getting the chance to share our stuff with as many people as possible.

What social media does off the bluff farms use?

We’re on Facebook where we will post events and workshops we will be having but we really love Instagram @offtheblufffarms to show off how delicious everything looks. . We also have a website otbfarms.com where we will be building out a recipe page and more. While you’re there don’t forget to sign up for our email list to stay up to date and receive special offers.

Describe off the bluff farms in 5 words or less

Plant geeks and food freaks

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Learn About Baked Expectations!

How did baked expectations get started? Well, I started baking for myself as a stress reliever while I was in college.  I’d experiment with flavors and combinations and then I’d decorate the cupcakes and post them on Facebook, just so my friends could see them. Sometimes, I’d make too many cupcakes and I’d share them with friends. And then next thing you know, people were asking if I would sell them. So I started posting small menus online just to see if people were interested… and man, people really love cupcakes!  So here we are.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about baked expectations that they may not already know?  We really like “deconstructing” our customers’ favorite desserts. Whenever someone orders a cupcake and can’t figure out what flavor they’d like, we always ask what their favorite non-cupcake dessert is. Whether its ice cream, a candy bar, or a pie… We really love to take apart those flavors and reassemble them into a cupcake form.

How has baked expectations grown since it started? We’ve gone from baking in relative obscurity to actually having a small following – which I’m super proud of. Also, I think our cupcake decorating skill has grown immensely. We’ve learned to do some really awesome (completely edible) cupcake decorations to match themes, like cigars, Christmas trees, and even sheep!

What brings people to baked expectations? People come for the design of the cupcakes… but they come back because the quality and the taste.

What’s next for baked expectations? Obviously, more cupcakes. We’re always looking to expand our flavor capacities… and hopefully, more pop-up shops so people can continue to try our cupcakes.

What social media does baked expectations use? You can find us on Facebook at facebook.com/BakedExpectationsCakery or on Instagram at @bakedexp

Describe baked expectations in 5 words or less: Where cupcakes and art meet. 

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Learn About Bourne Brilliant Co!

How did Bourne brilliant get started? In 2013, Lyrica (the eldest of the trio) started a bread ministry at the age of 6! We would bake bread and other goodies and distribute them in and outside our community. In order to fund our frequent donating she pitched this business venture to our parents. In the summer of 2013 we were winners in the Kids Inc. contest that was sponsored by the Tallahassee Mall. We were awarded a kiosk for a day in the center of the mall. We credit that experience with fueling our “kidpreneurial” fire. For a while, our business was named “Baking Ballerinas”, but we are no longer interested in becoming dancers so we sought a more fitting name for our current mission. Over the years, we have created our own recipes and re-branded our business into Bourne Brilliant LLC.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about Bourne Brilliant that they may not already know? Though we are seriously on a mission of helping families develop healthier and more informed lifestyles, we are really just a trio of normal kids. We are sisters ages 10, 9 and 6. Though it is evident that this business is a collaborative effort, we each have important individual responsibilities, as well. The oldest handles our social media (with occasional help from Mom), marketing and press releases. The second oldest is the bookkeeper and inventory specialist. The baby of the bunch handles packaging and shipping. While we enjoy baking, cooking and running this business, we have interests in various other hobbies and careers, as well.

How has Bourne brilliant grown since it started? In the beginning, you probably didn’t know our company existed because we rarely vended around the city. We weren’t using social media and we were still discovering our true purpose and platform. We are grateful that for the last year we and our products have become more known in this area and beyond. We have gained more confidence in our recipes as our customer base has increased tremendously. We are proof that word of mouth can help a business increase their revenue and interest within their chosen market.

What brings people to Bourne Brilliant? We honestly believe that the first “attraction” to our company is that we are kidpreneurs who do almost all of this… on our own! We say that because one of the first things that people ask for is confirmation of our ages. Secondly, customers seem to like that we create healthier versions of their favorite comfort foods. We are frequently complimented on our practice of listing all ingredients on the packaging of our products. Some of the other things that seem to be a draw for customers is that we accept custom orders, offer local delivery. The fact that our products are very affordable are a plus, as well.

What’s next for Bourne brilliant? We’re thinking that we may need to develop a hiring process very soon. Seriously, next up… merchandise, books, workshops, increasing our community service and so much more! We want to revisit the idea of establishing a non-profit organization, as well. Lately, we have been putting a cafe and/or bakery on our vision boards. Although we believe in speaking things into existence, we aren’t sure that we have enough time, energy and revenue to make that happen within the next year. Yet, our parents and community have always encouraged us to dream big!

What social media does Bourne brilliant use? In addition to our website (www.bournebrilliant.com), we can be found as bournebrilliantco on Instagram and Facebook.

Describe Bourne brilliant in 5 words or less. Bourne Brilliant handcrafts plant-based pastries, cakes and more.

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Learn About WDXD!

How did WDXD get started?

Having a radio station was a lifelong dream of mine. From about the age of 12, all I ever wanted to do as a career was to work in radio.

In 1979, I got my first break into the business when Tommy Dee hired me at WTAL-AM 1450. I began on the overnight midnight to 6 am shift and later worked evenings and weekends.

In 1983 I joined WCVC-AM 1330, which at that time was the only Christian-formatted station in Tallahassee.

After retiring from WCVC in 2004 at age 46, I spent some time with family, being a stay at home grandpa to two step-grandsons, Benjamin and Daniel (now 14 and 13, respectively.) In 2013, the opportunity to build a small, non-commercial FM radio station here was presented to me, and I decided to apply. In 2014, Delta Star Radio of Florida Inc., the nonprofit organization I founded, was granted a construction permit. In July 2015, WDXD-LP 101.9 signed on the

air with its newly-granted FCC license.

As an aside, I am legally blind and have some vision challenges. I built the on air

studio part of WDXD myself. i had professional engineer Andy Hanus of FSU help with other parts of the construction.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about WDXD that they may not already know?

WDXD is truly a local operation. In an era of big media corporations, we are different. WDXD is the only radio station we own. Our goal is to provide programming that is not readily

available on other radio stations. After Monte Bitner sold WGWD 93.3/Gretna in 2012, a void was created when the new owners changed formats from classic country to talk. WDXD signed on with a country hybrid format that combines some current music with the classic tunes. I feel fortunate to have music collections from several stations, including the former WGWD. WDXD has the capability of broadcasting CDs and vinyl records, as well as more recent computer sources.

WDXD is a labor of love. All of our on-air folks, including me, are not paid. We love

radio, we love the music, and we love Tallahassee.

We are a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. I don’t sell commercials.

My pitch to listeners is basically, “If you enjoy the music and programming you hear on WDXD, please consider financially supporting us.”

How has WDXD grown since it started?

Our music collection has grown – a LOT – in two years. We have the music from five different radio stations that either changed format or left the air for good. I believe that, over the time it has been on the air, it has brought some listeners back to radio that had stopped listening.

Our morning man, Paul Glimmer, has been with WDXD since October 2015. In the early days we were the only two voices on air. I generally do middays during the week and host

a Sunday Christian music show.

We have added my grandsons as board operators when schedules permit; Joe Laracuente does a weekly sports program; Pastor Henry Miller of Woodville hosts a Sunday morning

Christian program; and Frank and Bobbie Agee host a Sunday afternoon interview program.

What brings people to WDXD?

I think its the live personalities and the older country musc. In the mornings we have traffic, weather, and local info along with a lot of music. We stay focused on Tallahassee and try to super-serve this community. All of our programming decisions are made right here.

What’s next for WDXD?

We are hoping to get a more permanent building for the station. Currently it is

housed in a 8×26 modified construction site trailer I found in Live Oak. We are

pretty much bulging at the seams with everything packed into 208 square feet.

We also had the tower built on site here, at a cost of $13,000. Altogether it cost just under

$30,000 to build the station as is, without anything fancy. I borrowed the $13k from Dad to get the station built on time, and I still owe him. Meantime, we have recouped $19,308 – or

about 65% of the initial investment – in just over two years. i hope I can get Dad repaid within another year or two.

What social media does WDXD use?

We are on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wdxdradio

Also on Twitter @radioboyalan

The Twitter feed is heavily utilized for local weather, traffic, road closures, community

events, and such. If we mention these items on air I also post them on Twitter for reference.

Describe WDXD in 5 words or less

Classic country, memories and more.

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Learn About Entreprenoles!

Kyle Israel, the next big thing. He is making moves and has a bright future ahead of him. Here’s what he had to say about Entreprenoles!

How did Entreprenoles get started?

While working a super boring summer job I was itching to be an entrepreneur, and the book “Jim Moran the Courtesy man” didn’t help.  I was inspired by Courtesy TV and wanted to do a 2017 version of that.  When I got an email about a July start up grind, it was like everything clicked.  I drove up from boca to tally, long drive, definitely worth it, expecting only to interview the founders of penny delivers, but ended up getting 5 interviews.  After getting them on YouTube, I realized, it was time to make more moves.  When fall started, I hit the ground running.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about Entreprenoles that they may not already know?

You will subscribe to our YouTube eventually.  You might as well do it now.  There will be no better place to get caught up on entrepreneurial stories, hear music from local artists, or get discounts/offerings from local brands we lobby on your behalf…

How has Entreprenoles grown since it started?

Oh, so much.  The networking opportunities in Tally are everywhere.  Such a small city, yet so many driven people here who I’ve met have been able to give me connections, advice, and more!

What brings people to Entreprenoles?

Knowing that investing their attention with us will be ROI positive.

What’s next for Entreprenoles?

This spring we will be dropping a regular super awesome and high quality show!  Tune in!

What social media does Entreprenoles use?

Youtube, Instagram, facebook, twitter, soundcloud, snapchat, and anywhere podcasts are available

Describe Entreprenoles in 5 words or less

Entrepreneurs, tally, entertainment, & social media

Our Social:

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/EntrepreNoles/

Insta: http://Instagram.com/entreprenoles

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/entreprenoles

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/entreprenoles

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCx3SfebMkhu3qDYpzYRPig

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