Learn About JB Mercer Photography!

How did JB Mercer Photography get started?

JBMercer got started while I was studying in college. I was fascinated by cinematography and bought a camera with left over scholarship money. The more I learned the more I realized cinematography is simply just moving pictures with audio attached. Photography is however developing one photo at a time. Once I learned that it seemed so simple and I quickly gained a passion for it. 

What do you want visitors and locals to know about JB Mercer Photography that they may not already know?
That i’m here, I’m available, and I’d be happy to serve them. So many photographers are rude and full of themselves. Seems like everyone had their wedding shot by a photographer who charged way to much and did not meet their deadlines. I’m not like that at all. I give all my clients a fair price based on the market and I meet all my deadlines.

How has JB Mercer Photography grown since it started?
Originally I just started doing small family portrait sessions for friends an family and my local church with one camera. Now I’m shooting Weddings, Newborns, Families, Couples, and Toddlers with multiple cameras for differing services. I used to be scared of kids, but now I tend to enjoy them more than the people my age. Kids have become my favorite.

What’s the craziest request you have gotten for a photo shoot?
A client wanted everything and then wanted it for free. Professional photography is not free and professional editing is not free. Clients expect both at a cheaper price just because decent digital cameras are affordable. But taking photos and editing take years to master.

What’s next for JB Mercer Photography?
I am seriously pursuing old school film. It’s so much harder than digital and requires that I do more work behind the camera. I love that challenge to make myself better with every shoot. It forces me to take my time and invest in each photo, therefore in turn investing back into each client.

What social media does JB Mercer Photography use?




Describe JB Mercer Photography in 5 words or less
Original, Artistic, Passionate, Storytelling, Service.Jeremiah Mercer

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  1. Janice Moody says:

    JB Mercer Photography is the best!

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