Networking And Making Strong Community Connections Are The Keys To Long Term Survival In Life And Business A small business owner’s perspective

As a 31 year old small business owner I am learning as I go. Now that I have had a year of owning Capital City Pedicabs under my belt, it’s time to switch gears and figure out the business part of it. My father ran the company his way and now I am adapting from what he taught me while adding my own twists and turns to it.

A huge part of that process has been the networking and connecting aspects. Those pan out and lead to new, recurring and long term clients. I can’t predict what each day brings me as far as money goes but I know being out and about in the community, at events, or just riding around leads to what’s next. The  pedicab industry is a long game. There are days when you can be out riding and get a work out in while seeing people around town. Just being out leads to people remembering you and using you to get around another time and also leads to advertising and event bookings.

I seem to have gotten the marketing and events side of this industry down to a science. The HR part is still tricky. It’s a hard sell to explain to a prospective driver how this industry operates. Typically drivers rent out the pedicabs from the company on a daily rental system. It is comparable to a taxi cab or hair stylist model.  I have adapted that to the Tallahassee market to offer monthly and semester rental plans. A lot of people I have come across want money but don’t want to work for it. Most standard jobs have paychecks that you have to wait for. This offers daily pay and we build up to the rental. When we are hired for an event I can justify the drivers getting a cut of that plus the tips. We have done weddings, holiday parties, etc. where this would apply.

I work with my drivers as people too. I help them find where the money is, how to be independent to get rides, etc. Most of my clients (for rides, advertising and events) have been from being out and about and building up relationships in the community. There is no rhyme or reason to how each day unfolds but I cannot stress enough the power of connecting with people through networking on a daily basis. I am always in work mode and it shows. It may take a while but somehow persistence and resilience pay off in the end.

There is no reason I can think of to do this alone. There are an amazing amount of free or low cost resources out there to assist small business needs. I highly recommend looking into what is out there to help you succeed in life and business or whatever you are doing to be the best you.

Thanks for following along and I hope this was somewhat helpful.

Mike Goldstein


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  1. Goldstein has a golden heart! You rock Mike!

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