Learn About Baked Expectations!

How did baked expectations get started? Well, I started baking for myself as a stress reliever while I was in college.  I’d experiment with flavors and combinations and then I’d decorate the cupcakes and post them on Facebook, just so my friends could see them. Sometimes, I’d make too many cupcakes and I’d share them with friends. And then next thing you know, people were asking if I would sell them. So I started posting small menus online just to see if people were interested… and man, people really love cupcakes!  So here we are.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about baked expectations that they may not already know?  We really like “deconstructing” our customers’ favorite desserts. Whenever someone orders a cupcake and can’t figure out what flavor they’d like, we always ask what their favorite non-cupcake dessert is. Whether its ice cream, a candy bar, or a pie… We really love to take apart those flavors and reassemble them into a cupcake form.

How has baked expectations grown since it started? We’ve gone from baking in relative obscurity to actually having a small following – which I’m super proud of. Also, I think our cupcake decorating skill has grown immensely. We’ve learned to do some really awesome (completely edible) cupcake decorations to match themes, like cigars, Christmas trees, and even sheep!

What brings people to baked expectations? People come for the design of the cupcakes… but they come back because the quality and the taste.

What’s next for baked expectations? Obviously, more cupcakes. We’re always looking to expand our flavor capacities… and hopefully, more pop-up shops so people can continue to try our cupcakes.

What social media does baked expectations use? You can find us on Facebook at facebook.com/BakedExpectationsCakery or on Instagram at @bakedexp

Describe baked expectations in 5 words or less: Where cupcakes and art meet. 

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Learn About Bourne Brilliant Co!

How did Bourne brilliant get started? In 2013, Lyrica (the eldest of the trio) started a bread ministry at the age of 6! We would bake bread and other goodies and distribute them in and outside our community. In order to fund our frequent donating she pitched this business venture to our parents. In the summer of 2013 we were winners in the Kids Inc. contest that was sponsored by the Tallahassee Mall. We were awarded a kiosk for a day in the center of the mall. We credit that experience with fueling our “kidpreneurial” fire. For a while, our business was named “Baking Ballerinas”, but we are no longer interested in becoming dancers so we sought a more fitting name for our current mission. Over the years, we have created our own recipes and re-branded our business into Bourne Brilliant LLC.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about Bourne Brilliant that they may not already know? Though we are seriously on a mission of helping families develop healthier and more informed lifestyles, we are really just a trio of normal kids. We are sisters ages 10, 9 and 6. Though it is evident that this business is a collaborative effort, we each have important individual responsibilities, as well. The oldest handles our social media (with occasional help from Mom), marketing and press releases. The second oldest is the bookkeeper and inventory specialist. The baby of the bunch handles packaging and shipping. While we enjoy baking, cooking and running this business, we have interests in various other hobbies and careers, as well.

How has Bourne brilliant grown since it started? In the beginning, you probably didn’t know our company existed because we rarely vended around the city. We weren’t using social media and we were still discovering our true purpose and platform. We are grateful that for the last year we and our products have become more known in this area and beyond. We have gained more confidence in our recipes as our customer base has increased tremendously. We are proof that word of mouth can help a business increase their revenue and interest within their chosen market.

What brings people to Bourne Brilliant? We honestly believe that the first “attraction” to our company is that we are kidpreneurs who do almost all of this… on our own! We say that because one of the first things that people ask for is confirmation of our ages. Secondly, customers seem to like that we create healthier versions of their favorite comfort foods. We are frequently complimented on our practice of listing all ingredients on the packaging of our products. Some of the other things that seem to be a draw for customers is that we accept custom orders, offer local delivery. The fact that our products are very affordable are a plus, as well.

What’s next for Bourne brilliant? We’re thinking that we may need to develop a hiring process very soon. Seriously, next up… merchandise, books, workshops, increasing our community service and so much more! We want to revisit the idea of establishing a non-profit organization, as well. Lately, we have been putting a cafe and/or bakery on our vision boards. Although we believe in speaking things into existence, we aren’t sure that we have enough time, energy and revenue to make that happen within the next year. Yet, our parents and community have always encouraged us to dream big!

What social media does Bourne brilliant use? In addition to our website (www.bournebrilliant.com), we can be found as bournebrilliantco on Instagram and Facebook.

Describe Bourne brilliant in 5 words or less. Bourne Brilliant handcrafts plant-based pastries, cakes and more.

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Learn About WDXD!

How did WDXD get started?

Having a radio station was a lifelong dream of mine. From about the age of 12, all I ever wanted to do as a career was to work in radio.

In 1979, I got my first break into the business when Tommy Dee hired me at WTAL-AM 1450. I began on the overnight midnight to 6 am shift and later worked evenings and weekends.

In 1983 I joined WCVC-AM 1330, which at that time was the only Christian-formatted station in Tallahassee.

After retiring from WCVC in 2004 at age 46, I spent some time with family, being a stay at home grandpa to two step-grandsons, Benjamin and Daniel (now 14 and 13, respectively.) In 2013, the opportunity to build a small, non-commercial FM radio station here was presented to me, and I decided to apply. In 2014, Delta Star Radio of Florida Inc., the nonprofit organization I founded, was granted a construction permit. In July 2015, WDXD-LP 101.9 signed on the

air with its newly-granted FCC license.

As an aside, I am legally blind and have some vision challenges. I built the on air

studio part of WDXD myself. i had professional engineer Andy Hanus of FSU help with other parts of the construction.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about WDXD that they may not already know?

WDXD is truly a local operation. In an era of big media corporations, we are different. WDXD is the only radio station we own. Our goal is to provide programming that is not readily

available on other radio stations. After Monte Bitner sold WGWD 93.3/Gretna in 2012, a void was created when the new owners changed formats from classic country to talk. WDXD signed on with a country hybrid format that combines some current music with the classic tunes. I feel fortunate to have music collections from several stations, including the former WGWD. WDXD has the capability of broadcasting CDs and vinyl records, as well as more recent computer sources.

WDXD is a labor of love. All of our on-air folks, including me, are not paid. We love

radio, we love the music, and we love Tallahassee.

We are a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. I don’t sell commercials.

My pitch to listeners is basically, “If you enjoy the music and programming you hear on WDXD, please consider financially supporting us.”

How has WDXD grown since it started?

Our music collection has grown – a LOT – in two years. We have the music from five different radio stations that either changed format or left the air for good. I believe that, over the time it has been on the air, it has brought some listeners back to radio that had stopped listening.

Our morning man, Paul Glimmer, has been with WDXD since October 2015. In the early days we were the only two voices on air. I generally do middays during the week and host

a Sunday Christian music show.

We have added my grandsons as board operators when schedules permit; Joe Laracuente does a weekly sports program; Pastor Henry Miller of Woodville hosts a Sunday morning

Christian program; and Frank and Bobbie Agee host a Sunday afternoon interview program.

What brings people to WDXD?

I think its the live personalities and the older country musc. In the mornings we have traffic, weather, and local info along with a lot of music. We stay focused on Tallahassee and try to super-serve this community. All of our programming decisions are made right here.

What’s next for WDXD?

We are hoping to get a more permanent building for the station. Currently it is

housed in a 8×26 modified construction site trailer I found in Live Oak. We are

pretty much bulging at the seams with everything packed into 208 square feet.

We also had the tower built on site here, at a cost of $13,000. Altogether it cost just under

$30,000 to build the station as is, without anything fancy. I borrowed the $13k from Dad to get the station built on time, and I still owe him. Meantime, we have recouped $19,308 – or

about 65% of the initial investment – in just over two years. i hope I can get Dad repaid within another year or two.

What social media does WDXD use?

We are on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wdxdradio

Also on Twitter @radioboyalan

The Twitter feed is heavily utilized for local weather, traffic, road closures, community

events, and such. If we mention these items on air I also post them on Twitter for reference.

Describe WDXD in 5 words or less

Classic country, memories and more.

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Learn About Entreprenoles!

Kyle Israel, the next big thing. He is making moves and has a bright future ahead of him. Here’s what he had to say about Entreprenoles!

How did Entreprenoles get started?

While working a super boring summer job I was itching to be an entrepreneur, and the book “Jim Moran the Courtesy man” didn’t help.  I was inspired by Courtesy TV and wanted to do a 2017 version of that.  When I got an email about a July start up grind, it was like everything clicked.  I drove up from boca to tally, long drive, definitely worth it, expecting only to interview the founders of penny delivers, but ended up getting 5 interviews.  After getting them on YouTube, I realized, it was time to make more moves.  When fall started, I hit the ground running.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about Entreprenoles that they may not already know?

You will subscribe to our YouTube eventually.  You might as well do it now.  There will be no better place to get caught up on entrepreneurial stories, hear music from local artists, or get discounts/offerings from local brands we lobby on your behalf…

How has Entreprenoles grown since it started?

Oh, so much.  The networking opportunities in Tally are everywhere.  Such a small city, yet so many driven people here who I’ve met have been able to give me connections, advice, and more!

What brings people to Entreprenoles?

Knowing that investing their attention with us will be ROI positive.

What’s next for Entreprenoles?

This spring we will be dropping a regular super awesome and high quality show!  Tune in!

What social media does Entreprenoles use?

Youtube, Instagram, facebook, twitter, soundcloud, snapchat, and anywhere podcasts are available

Describe Entreprenoles in 5 words or less

Entrepreneurs, tally, entertainment, & social media

Our Social:

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/EntrepreNoles/

Insta: http://Instagram.com/entreprenoles

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/entreprenoles

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/entreprenoles

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCx3SfebMkhu3qDYpzYRPig

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Catching Up With Rob Wight!

What have you been up to since we last featured you on here?

I spent most of the first part 2017 traveling. I worked for Progressive Insurance as their Emcee and flew around the country hyping up crowds at boat shows. I then took a much need vacation and went to Japan with my James Bond family. We toured all of the film locations of the film, You Only Live Twice. This was the 50th anniversary of the film. I tell you, the Japanese love this movie!

After that, I picked up all my belongings and moved from Orlando, Florida to Los Angeles, California to pursue more acting. Since then, I’ve helped Puppeteer for a short film by Seagriffin Productions called Ventris that comes out in 2018.

I’ve also joined the cast of a web series called, “That Hash Tag Show.” This show is about everything trending in geek pop culture. I’m featured on their channels, “Bibbity Bobbity News” (which is everything about Disney news) and “Star Wars Trilogies,” talking about everything Star Wars.

I have been DJing a lot this year as well. I DJ for a charity called “Kids In The Spotlight,” which is sponsored by Fox Entertainment. Its spokesman is “Modern Family” star, Ty Burrell. This organization focuses on kids in foster homes. I also DJ’d the opening launch party for Forza 2 for Xbox.

Do you have any projects lined up that you can tell us about?

I will be the DJ for Power Morpha Con, which is the big Power Ranger convention in Anaheim, California coming up in 2018.

We may have alluded to this, but what made you make the move from Florida to California?

I love Florida. I call it my second home after Michigan. But Florida has no film incentives, and that means it limits what I’m able to do as an actor. I’d been traveling to Atlanta frequently for roles, but … there is no beach in Atlanta!

Between DJing, acting and more, when do you find time to relax?

That’s funny you ask that… I love what I do, so it’s not like I’m working. Does it get stressful? Yes, because these are jobs that keep you on your toes. Luckily, God has given me the gift of multitasking, so it’s easy for me.

Also I enjoy fishing and take an annual trip with my Dad and Uncle Gary to Canada. This year we brought my best friend from college Brandon.

What advice do you have for people who want to make the leap and pursue their dreams in the entertainment industry?

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Don’t be afraid of taking risks.

Don’t be afraid of the word, no!!!!!

If you want something bad enough you will go out and get it.

And always be kind to everyone.

With everything going on in the news right now, how do you stay positive and motivated?

Truthfully, I don’t watch the news. It brings me down. I am a positive individual and I pursue positivity, so I don’t dwell on negative things.

What’s next for you?

Whatever the good lord wills!

I am starting LA acting classes in January and will see where that takes me.

Where can we find you on social media?


Instagram @djwyght

Twitter @djwyght

Facebook @djwyght

Also on http://thathashtagshow.com and YouTube That Hash Tag Show

Describe the entertainment industry in 5 words or less

“It’s a Small, Small World ”

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Catching Up With No Bears Allowed!

What have no bears allowed been up to since we last covered you?

Since the last time you covered us we’ve been doing the same thing, just working really hard to build our program and make sure that No Bears Allowed remains an entertaining, positive group that effectively creates capable improvisers.

What brings people to a no bears allowed event?

I think it’s a mix of a few things. Word of mouth seems to be our primary draw for our shows. We market a lot which is really important as far as just getting the word out, but what really matters is the product. What I think really brings people back is a consistently entertaining show, which I’m proud to say we’ve been able to maintain for a while. What seems to be more important to the audience than us doing perfect improv, is that we are having a good time on stage.

What’s the craziest thing that has happened at a show?

The craziest thing that has happened at a show has to be a few years ago at a longform show on campus when a large hole was accidentally kicked into a wall by a performer. We had to crowdfund to pay the Student Services Building to get it fixed. It was ~*~sick~*~.

Is there anything that is off limits as far as material goes?

So this is an important question. It’s important to distinguish that in improv, as opposed to other forms of performance/comedy, there is no scripted rehearsal happening, there is very little time to flesh out a satire or time to ensure that a difficult topic is dealt with in a respectful manner. What this means is that going all out with really “edgy” material is often not the best idea in an improv scene because it can so easily be misinterpreted and you could end up encouraging someone in the audiences latent support for some not so great things. All that being said, nothing is or should be off limits, but you’re going to make it a hell of a lot harder on yourself to get the audience on your side if you bust out your brilliant edgy satire in the middle of a scene.

What’s next for no bears allowed?

Just practicing and shows my guy. Practice and performance, as much of the two as we can fit in our schedules. My goal is for us to have fun, to be as technically sound as possible, and to get everyone as much stage time as we can because that’s what really makes you better. We have all of our show dates for next semester booked, we are getting a ton of shows around town and are currently working on getting a regular show at a local venue, the details of which are coming soon. We’re also trying to travel as much as we can. Going to festivals and competitions is such a great opportunity to bond as a team and to get some great experience in, we just performed in Gainesville and it was a blast. In the past we’ve gone to places like Gainesville, Miami and Atlanta and it’s a blast.

What social media does no bears allowed use?

We have accounts on pretty much every social media. Facebook is the primary social media we use just because it’s really good for organizing events but we just got an instagram and I think it will be great for us marketing wise. Follow us!

Describe no bears allowed in 5 words or less

Rag-Tag Scally-Wag Improv

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Learn About Kollet Originals!

What made you want to be an artist?

I’ve always been creative, thinking outside of the box. One day the urge became stronger than my urge to conform and I left my job to pursue my dream. It was a pursuit of happiness.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about being an artist that they may not already know?
Creating is our process but our joy is seeing and hearing your reaction. Your smiles, tears, and praise are our hearts’ paycheck. 

How has the art industry/culture evolved over the years?
Social Media is our storefront. Artists now have a platform to show everyone their works. Like wise we have had to become our own publicist, manager and agent to get noticed in the deluge. 

Who/what inspires you for your art?
Everyone on social media. I am always asking for new ideas and I ask for them. It pushes me to be a better artist by trying new things. I’ve stumbled into some great accidents that way. 

What’s next for you?
Opening a Gallery 

What social media do you use?
I use it all but by far the funnest addition has been Twitch. Its a broadcast stream where viewers can watch me paint and create. 


Describe being an artist in 5 words or less
A Beautiful explosion of chaos

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