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Capital City Pedicabs Blog Interview
How did you get into film making?

  • Believe it or not, filmmaking wasn’t the first ‘thing’ I got into. It was writing. My dedication for writing and storytelling came out of a severe depression I went through during my elementary school years. There were several points during this lengthy depression that I contemplated suicide, and one point in particular where I came close to committing the act. I prepared myself to commit, but as I approached that point of no return, this voice – call it God, or the universe – popped into my head with the words, “If you do this, there’s no hope for what could be.” So I stopped, and thought to myself for a moment. Then, I made myself a promise. I would give myself one week to find that ‘thing’ that would get me out of the abyss I was in. If I found it, I would stick with it for the rest of my life, come hell or high water – and if I did not, I would come back and finish what I started.

  • Within that week, I picked up the pen and started writing. Eventually, the passion for writing was not enough. I needed to do more. I wanted to bring the stories I was writing to life – which meant the stage or the screen. At the time I wasn’t big into stage plays, but I loved movies. So I decided to pick up the camera.

  • Needless to say, over a decade later, I haven’t put it down.
    What inspires you to keep at it especially during covid with the entertainment industry slowed down?
  • Part of the blessing of going through what I went through that early on in my life is the
    comfort of knowing that that was absolute zero. That was the floor. That was the worst that things could get. Everything else would be above that. So from a personal, mental/emotional standpoint, I knew that ‘this too shall pass.’

  • Though looking at the industry, the entertainment world will surely not be the same as it was pre-COVID for quite some time. But in this pandemic, the opportunity has surfaced for indie filmmakers that have smaller crews, less overhead, and ultimately more flexibility to out-maneuver some of the larger studio behemoths. For a time, the studios were at a total standstill, but some small indie production crews were able to go out and make films – of course, outside of what the CDC would consider ‘safe operations,’ and get those films to potential distributors to jump in on the void created in the studio release timeline.
    What’s the craziest thing to happen during a film shoot?
  • There’s so many examples of crazy things to happen during a film shoot that I’ve witnessed. From random bystanders not understanding what is going on when a pickup truck filled with bloody guerrilla riflemen veers around the corner (though we supposedly had the road blocked off) to hearing a distant rumble that sounded just like an explosion at precisely the right moment that the scene called for the talent to hear a distant explosion (I have no claims of being God, but that day some people might think I was a close second)! Capital City Pedicabs Blog Interview
    What’s next for you?
  • I’m currently producing two feature films. One, “After the Fall,” which a successor to my semi-viral 2017 short film of the same name, is currently in post-production and we are aiming for a release next year. If you love The Walking Dead or enjoyed playing through The Last of Us, you’ll definitely enjoy the film. The other project is titled “Metronome,” which is shaping up to be the biggest production I’ve worked on to-date. I can’t share too much on that as of yet but any fan of Inception or Se7en should keep their eyes peeled for this one!

  • Aside from that, I’m hard at work growing my own digital marketing company, providing services to small businesses and marketing solutions to independent projects ranging from video production and photography to web design and social media management.
    How are you so motivational and optimistic with everything going on in the world currently?
  • Going back to one of your previous questions, having gone through what I went
    through in my elementary years conditioned my brain to see even my lowest lows today as lightyears above that day I nearly committed suicide. What is playing out in our world is, in a word, crazy. But if there’s one thing that has kept me going throughout all of this, it’s that notion of ‘this too, shall pass.’

  • As an entrepreneur, however, you can either change with the times and adapt, or watch what you’ve built crumble to dust as the world alters around you. The COVID-19 pandemic, and the radical changes we are seeing play out across the globe are chaotic and hard to keep up with, but if you can master your mind, and train your brain to see the opportunity that exists within times of adversity – and most importantly, take action on that opportunity – there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.
    What’s your capital city pedicab connection?
  • Although I’ve only recently begun to develop a connection – and ultimately, a friendship – with Mike, during the short time I attended FSU I fondly remember seeing him cycle students back and forth across campus with a smile on his face. While my business has taken me to other campuses across the country, I have yet to see another person do what Mike is doing in Tallahassee. His commitment to the people of Tallahassee is commendable, and even from a distance I can see him always going the (literal) extra mile to now become a cultural icon of the city – at the very least, when I think of Tallahassee, I can’t help but see Capital City Pedicabs.
    Also send back any pics you want to go with this and be sure to share it when it’s up.
  • See attached.

Matthew Manyak is a filmmaker, author, and serial entrepreneur based out of St. Augustine, Florida. An alumni of Florida State University, Manyak has helped create and develop branding strategies and creative content for a diverse, international portfolio of companies ranging from the entertainment world to the personal development sector. He operates his personal business as a full-service Digital Marketing Specialist, all the while pursuing an burgeoning career in the film industry where he is best known for his work on the Amazon Prime series “Deathless,” and the acclaimed short film, “After the Fall.”
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