DJ Spotlight : Xander

How did you first get into producing music?- So to be honest with you I currently don’t produce music although it is something I want to eventually do. I DJ, a lot of people mix up producers with djs, not saying that someone can’t be both they’re just two different talents and areas of expertise. DJing wise, I’ve always been involved with music. When I was a little kid I was always the kid at the family parties trying to grab any instruments around me or if there weren’t any I’d just be dancing around. Once I reached second grade I actually joined my school Chorus which was actually a cool experience. We (the chorus) got to sign on TV with Gloria Estefan for a Christmas event that was recorded at Bongos in Miami. After that, in 7th grade, I decided to take a band elective. To this day I would say that was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my musical career just because of how much musical knowledge I gained. I ended up being in the band through the rest of middle school where I was able to learn how to play the trumpet and numerous amount of percussion instruments. Even though being in the band was something I enjoyed I wanted to do something else with music where I would have complete control of what I wanted to play and any other creative ideas I would have so I decided to buy a $50 controller from radioshack at 13 and start teaching myself how to DJ. From then on out it started with just djing in a bedroom, to playing at house parties in high school, and then slowly getting my foot in the door at different clubs and venues.
What’s the craziest thing you’ve been a part of?- To be honest with you every event and every night has been their own experience. Now I can’t sit here and say every event was insane or just as crazy as the last one but I just love what I do and I can confidently say almost every night is crazy in itself. One notable memory I do have was playing at Life in Color in Miami back in 2017 when I was only 18. I had gone to the festival as an attendee 2 years prior to that and told myself I would not go again until I was performing. 2 years later I was given the opportunity to perform at the festival in a massive tent they had next to the main stage. I think Marshmello was actually performing at the same time as me on the mainstage so although I was excited to perform at the time I didn’t think the tent would be full. Turns out it started raining right before I was supposed to hop on. Whether that was a factor or not, when I got on stage there was a sea of people and the tent was filled all the way to the back which took me by surprise. Although I had already played at multiple venues and events before, the energy from the crowd I received that night was one that I had not yet experienced at the time.
How has Covid affected your gigs and how has it been now that things have opened back up?- Covid really affected me at first. I mean as everyone knows clubs were closed for months so that meant two things. I wasn’t being able to DJ at venues for months and I wasn’t getting paid for the time being. Honestly, it has been a blessing that things have opened back up here in Tallahassee.
What’s the one event you haven’t worked yet that’s on your Dj bucket list?- I don’t know if I have one specific event I would be able to name to answer this question but I am yet to play at Story or LIV which are some of the larger venues located in Miami which is my hometown so I would definitely love to be able to play there. But besides that, I always look forward to being able to play at a new venue or new city.
What’s your capital city pedicab connection? Mike himself. Shout out to Mike! The man is always supporting and showing love!
I can be followed on Instagram/Soundcloud/Twitter @DJXANDER305

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