Athlete Spotlight : John Moschella

How has football had an impact on your life?

I think the lessons that you learn from sports in general are invaluable. Football specifically has so many lessons that helped prepare me for life. How to work together to achieve common goals, how to put others above yourself, how to deal with failure and disappointment, and how to mentally overcome that and move on to the “next play”. Football lessons you learn continue to apply for the rest of your life, life is a team game. 

What was it like to play for FSU?

Playing for Florida State was such an amazing opportunity. The experiences that I had were once in a lifetime, and I would not trade them for anything. There is also a huge amount of responsibility. Regardless of how much you played in Saturdays there was a standard that had to be held each and every day, on the field and off it. You represent so much more then yourself when you wear that jersey, and it’s really an honor to have been a small part of that legacy. 

What have you done since graduating?

Since I graduated from Florida State, I’ve started my career with as an analyst with NextEra Energy. NextEra is the largest renewable energy provider on the planet, and even eclipsed Exxon as the largest energy company by market capitalization in the US this year.

What do you miss most about college/being a part of FSU?

I miss the feeling that Tallahassee has. I don’t feel like words give it justice, but the best one I can use to describe that feeling is freedom. Every single person that was apart of my time in Tallahassee really made it special for me. I think I am always going to miss that perfect bubble in time. 

What would you want to tell others who are trying to make it on and off the field?

It’s important to always understand the scope of what you are doing. Everything should be a means to an end. Make sure you are doing your best in everything you have on your plate, even if it feels like it is unrelated to your current goals. Working hard and trying your best tends to bring about some positive externalities. 

What’s your capital city pedicab connection?

Even before I went to Florida State, I remember seeing the pedicabs when my dad brought me to a game when I was in high school. At the time I thought it such a unique and awesome part of Tallahassee and the FSU experience. After I went to school there, lived in Tallahassee, and met Mike I got to experience the part that capital city plays in the community. If there is an event, Mike is there. 

I think that everyone that has gone to Florida State is going to have these little blips that stick out to them when they come back to visit Tallahassee. Whether it’s the vibe of college town the night before a game, the walk back to your apartment or dorms after a game, the McDonald’s on Tennessee street after The Strip on Saturday night. Mike and Capital City Pedicab are going to be one of those small pieces of so many peoples memories during the best time of their lives. Mike may not remember every person that has ever hitched a ride with him, but everybody that has will always remember the pedicabs in Tallahassee.

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