Athlete Spotlight : Michael Barulich

How has football had an impact on your life? The impact that Football has had and continue continues to have on my life is immeasurable. There has been countless opportunities that has been presented to me and I’ve met so many great people throughout my career playing this game. I’m very grateful for it.

What was it like to play for FSU? Putting on the spear every Saturday was such an honor for me. I remember my first time running out of the tunnel was one of the greatest moments of my life. Representing such a prestigious brand is something I’m very proud of. Tallahassee and NoleNation have a special place in my heart for life.

What have you done since graduating? Since I graduated back in December I went overseas to play professionally. Now I’m back home this off-season to prepare at a shot at the NFL/XFL/CFL.

What do you miss most about college/being a part of FSU? There’s so much about being at FSU that I miss, but if I had to point one major thing it would be the good times with my teammates. We had some of the best guys you could ask for and the laughs, the late nights, and early mornings are all things I miss greatly.

What would you want to tell others who are trying to make it on and off the field? My main advice to guys that want to be successful in college is to use the help they have available to it. Don’t think that you’re too cool for something. If you need something, like tutoring, ask for it and they’ll help you. You can’t reach your goals on the field if you struggle in the classroom.

What’s your capital city pedicab connection? Capital City Pedicabs has always been very kind to my teammates and I during my time at FSU. “Pedicab Mike” we like to call him has always been there to provide us with rides when we needed them.

Social Media:IG: @mikebarulich

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