Business Spotlight : Garnet and Gold

How did garnet and gold get started? Garnet & Gold started as a secondary store from our original Top Stop which opened in Governor’s Square in 1979. We purchased the building on Pensacola St (current location) in 1984.
How has garnet and gold grown over the years? Garnet & Gold has grown enormously in the last few years, beginning with the National Championship in 1993. We now have 2 other stores – 1504 Governor’s Square Blvd – the Old Atlantic Bread Co. restaurant in 2016. The mall was too expensive. Also, in the Village Commons shopping Center near Home Goods off Thomasville Rd in 2011. We are surviving now mostly on our robust e-commerce, which runs out of our warehouse and office off Capital Circle NE.
What brings people to garnet and gold? We like to think that we have a large group of returning customers that understand the importance of “keeping it local”. I like to think that our buying is creative as we attend trade shows to find the unique apparel and merchandise.
How is the relationship between garnet and gold and fsu athletics?

Garnet & Gold gets along well with Athletics, but the University is under contract with Football Fanatics (via in Jacksonville. We try to bid on that contract, but are never offered the opportunity. We have employed thousands of FSU, FAMU and TCC students over the years, but we are not able to pay a premium or guarantee.
What’s next for garnet and gold? We do not know the next step. We have had 3 very difficult years. Last season was a disaster and game attendance was sharply down. Not sure what this year will bring, but it is not favorable to retail.
How are you getting through these trying times? We have laid off about half of the staff, and reduced store hours.A lot will depend on FSU students and football games.
What’s your capital city pedicab connection? Our pedicab connection is that we are a favorite stop for those folks who need a ride to the stadium and want to shop with us first. I have always thought it was a unique business plan, but dependent on events around town, especially football weekends. When games are over, you should position cabs at the store for return rides.

Thank you for contacting us. I love small and local businesses!!

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