Meet Junk Man Doug

How did junk man Doug come about?
Junk Man Doug started back in 2015. I had been buying and selling antiques since like 2010, but I started to take it really serious after I graduated from Florida State at the end of 2014. I just decided to start sharing my finds on Instagram and sharing the history of each piece and it grew from there! 

How has the market changed since you first started junking?
The antique and vintage world is like anything else, things come in waves. What’s hot now is not what will be hot next year.  For me personally, it all started with genuine antiques. Now I mainly deal in vintage clothing and collectibles, with a heavy focus on vintage Florida State gear. 

What brings people to you?
People come to me because of my intense focus on Florida State gear. I used to sell a lot of different things, but since 2018 I have basically totally switched my focus to vintage FSU gear. It’s allowed me to provide the best of the best to FSU fans. 

What’s the craziest find you’ve had?
That’s a tough question. I’ve had the opportunity to buy a lot of really cool items. Two that come to mind are an FSU team issued jacket given to Assistant Basketball Coach Tom Carlson for the 1992 ACC Tournament, and a 1960’s FSU letterman jacket. 

What’s your bucket list item you’re looking for?
My personal bucket list item would be a team issued letterman jacket from the early days of our athletics program. Anything from the late 1940’s and 1950’s is what I’m personally after! 

How are you getting through these trying times?
Most of my business was through in person pop-up shops. With Covid I’ve had to switch my business to mainly online. Thankfully the people who have supported my business in person have continued to support it online! 

What’s your capital city pedicab connection?
My connection is the owner, Mike! Him and I worked together at Target before we started working for ourselves!

About Capital City Pedicabs

Keeping the good times rolling since 2012!
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