Community Spotlight : Bar Trivia With Hank

How did bar trivia with hank get started?
Friends and I used to play trivia every week at a local lounge and we loved it! When our host left town in 2011, my friend Tasha asked if I wanted to come in and give hosting a shot where she worked – The Rusty Bucket, a biker bar on the Parkway. They offered me all the Pabst I could drink. Three weeks later they told me they’d rather pay cash – trivia was fun, but I was drinking too much beer! I miss that bar. 
How has bar trivia with hank grown over the years?
A local grad student group spotted me at the Bucket and invited me to come host a weekly social event for them at another bar. They didn’t last but the bar kept me on for years and I started building a strong following. I was laid off from the state during budget cuts and said, why the hell not? I expanded to other venues and in a few years I was able to give up side jobs and concentrate on being the very best trivia host I can be. I’ve never regretted it. 
What brings people to bar trivia with hank?
Booze! No, I’m just the best damn profession trivia host in the southeast. I’m laid back and funny, I don’t make people feel bad for not knowing facts (everybody has their own pool of knowledge – that’s why teams are important!). I have a mix of topics every night, from science to slow jams. I never do sports rounds! And I keep an eye out for cheaters at my live nights, because that can ruin the fun for everyone. 
What’s the craziest thing that’s happened during trivia?
Some of my nights are calm and cool, with everyone having a good time and a friendly drink. But once a month I was running a special night of all music and picture rounds, and those got so rowdy that during a round of booty songs an employee danced so hard in the kitchen they fell and broke their arm! Other than that, it’s always new. You never know. 
What’s next for bar trivia with hank?
With a pandemic on, digital trivia is where it’s at! Four times a week you can zoom in from anywhere to play along. I just started offering prizes by partnering with local restaurants and independent businesses – The Crum Box Gastgarden is our first sponsor, so go get some sausage! The Tallahassee Nerds and Geeks have claimed my Thursday nights, so expect plenty of fandom facts and space adventure trivia! I’m doing trivia “after dark” at 11pm on Saturdays for my night owls and west coast fans – it’s queerer, it’s campy, and it’s definitely rated R. As long as there’s a way to run trivia nights, you’ll find me there. 
How are you getting through these trying times?
Everything’s weird all the time! I’m just trying to entertain folks and keep them at home, safely distanced, and ready to get through this. 
What’s your capital city pedicab connection?  

As a local night time guy, Mike was always there. Outside the bars and venues, ready to get people home or on to the next stop safely. Mike is one of the people making Tally great, and we’re lucky to have him and CCPC serving our city.

About Capital City Pedicabs

Keeping the good times rolling since 2012!
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