Business Spotlight : Munchies Pizza

How did munchies pizza get started?Munchies Pizza was a dream of mine that I developed a plan for a few years ago. I was driving for uber when I discovered our current location, With some help from my parents we were able to remodel the location and get it up and going in June of 2019!
How has munchies pizza grown since it started?When Munchies first opened our customer base was almost purely students, more specifically it was mostly freshmen who either lived across the street in DeGraff or frequented “The Strip” behind us. As we built a reputation we partnered with more businesses including Poor Pauls, The Palace, and Bullwinkles. A few months ago we released our Chicago Stuffed Deep Dish pizza and this allowed us to start building a strong residential following as well!
What brings people to munchies pizza?
Currently our stuffed deep dish is all the rage. People are coming from all over Tallahassee to try our new pizza. We also have very popular garlic knots and a delicious NY style crust option.
What’s the craziest thing that’s happened since you’ve been open?
The craziest thing that has happened since we opened was definitely the response we received to the deep dish pizza. We ended up hiring 12 people over a course of 3 weeks to adjust to the increase in business.
What’s next for munchies pizza?
We are focusing our energy on opening up our second location under Corner Pocket on Apalachee Parkway. This will allow us to reach more of the community and better service the Southwood and Bucklake areas.
How are you getting through these trying times?
We are keeping open communication with our team about the situation. Everyone is invested in getting the business through this and is doing everything they can to provide the best product and service possible. This is allowing us to build our customer base and provide for our staff.
What’s your capital city pedicab connection?

I consider Mike a good friend, he was one of the first local business owners I met in Tallahassee and I find his attitude and spirit as well as his commitment to the small business community in Tallahassee inspiring.

About Capital City Pedicabs

Keeping the good times rolling since 2012!
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