Business Spotlight : Cap City Video Lounge

How did cap city video lounge come about?
Cap City Video Lounge was an idea I always had in the back of my mind, but working as a video clerk at Video 21 the last few years it was in existence here in Tallahassee, as streaming platforms and rental kiosks were continuing on their rise and had already slammed the coffin on Blockbuster Video’s brick and mortar stores, with Mom and Pop stores steadily going into extinction as well, hope began to dwindle. But I was also hosting Trash Cinema Night’s at Birds Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack at the time and we were drawing pretty big crowds every first Saturday of the month with our eclectic selection of cult film oddities that you would never find on any streaming service, let alone, a rental kiosk, it dawned on me that there actually is an audience for all the weird stuff I had in my home collection, which honestly, was sitting around collecting dust in our living room. So, when the opportunity presented itself, I pitched an idea that blended some of my favorite things. Sharing movies with my friends and watching movies with a crowd. And that’s how we ended up with the video rental store and one screen micro-cinema that is Cap City Video Lounge. We basically transplanted and mutated our living room into a business venture.
How has cap city video lounge grown since it started?
We have expanded to include not only movie screenings but a venue for live shows. We have hosted on a regular basis Tallahassee’s own Shaken Not Stirred Burlesque, local comedy troupe Humortals, Monthly Tallahassee Filmmaker Meetings hosted by Kayla and Jeremy King, Trivia and A Movie Nights with Hank Saints as well as several touring bands in our Fantomas Theatre. Our Theatre is always available to rent and we’ve seen some pretty cool and creative uses for it. We’ve even hosted weddings in there, some legendary bachelor/bachelorette parties and have even been a venue for a local Steven Universe Micr-Convention. So that’s really helped grow and expand upon what the initial concept of Cap City Video Lounge was. It’s become a sort of club house for those of us looking for a place just as outside the mainstream as we are. It’s an absolute honor for Cap City Video Lounge to provide a home away from home and safe haven for those of us in Tallahassee seeking such an outlet. We have grown tremendously due to our friends and supporters, who are in all honesty, one and the same. They are our life blood.
What brings people to cap city video lounge?
I think what brings people in initially is curiosity. People come in to see what we are all about. I give people an explanation for what we are and how they can rent movies or rent the theater and the majority of people pick up what we’re putting down and become regulars and begin bringing their friends in to share the experience. It’s a blast seeing the great cross section of the Tallahassee community come through our door and discussing with them what type of entertainment they are love and crave and we seek to nourish that hunger. So, curiosity and word of mouth brings folks in, and the variety of rental titles, utilization of our venue and, I don;t mean to toot my own horn here, but damn fine customer service is what keeps our friends coming back and turns them into regular Lounge Lizards.
What’s the craziest thing to happen at a cap city video lounge event?
We once hosted The Stolen Stitches Sideshow at our previous location and had some pretty insane fire based performances in that incarnation of The Fantomas Theatre. We were in a little strip mall off of Mission Road and it still warms my heart thinking that behind the doors of the ONLY business that was in that one stretch of strip mall, there was that kind of dangerous, sexy, fun happening for our crowd at Cap City Video Lounge. You really have to come out to Cap City Video Lounge and experience our place to believe it.
How are you getting through these trying times?
Oh man, yeah, these days are dark for all of us local businesses. Of course, we aren’t hosting public events or any live performances at this time. However, we are still open, to those willing to strap on their face mask properly,for the renting of DVD’s, Blu-Rays and VHS from our collection of over 7k+ titles which includes New Releases (we call ’em Noobs) as well as a vast assortment of classics, dramas, comedies, action, but also a deeply unique and massive collection of Cult, Horror, Sci-Fi and Trash Cinema if you’re looking to take home some of those movies your Mama warned you about. We also have a promotion that will be going on for the foreseeable future, where our theater is available to rent at the rate of $80 for Two Hours, and you can watch whatever you want. Whether it’s a movie off of our shelves or something you bring from home. It’s perfect for a night out with friends, family or a nice mellow date night. Come on by and check it out or feel free to drop me a line at the Cap City Video Lounge facebook page or drop me a line directly at and we will set you up with a Fantomas Theatre movie going experience.
What’s your capital city pedicab connection?
Cap City Pedicab has been a great supporter of Cap City Video Lounge from the very beginning. They’re the kind of business all other businesses can rely on to get the word out there and support all of us in the community. Cap City Pedicab looks out for all us little guys.

About Capital City Pedicabs

Keeping the good times rolling since 2012!
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