Community Spotlight : Danielle Joyner Kelley

How has Tallahassee grown over the years? 

So much, but at the same time not that much to me. That’s part of the small town feel we still have even being a college town and the capital of such a populated state like Florida. It’s our charm. 

What’s kept you in Tallahassee/from leaving?

The hometown feel. It’s where I grew up. It’s where I watched football games, and basketball games, you name it. I couldn’t imagine ever calling another place home. I know a lot of my friends left after high school to go to other colleges and cities. I just didn’t. This was where I wanted to raise a family. Plus I have one of the best universities (in my opinion) right here to study at. It was an easy choice for me. 

You’re an attorney, meteorologist and sports radio host… how does all of that mix?

Easier than most people think. I’ve worked hard to build a career in law. I started out on radio doing meteorology. Weather has always been my true passion. My station manager knows my sports history. My father was one of the FHP escorts for Coach Bowden so I grew up at that stadium. He called me one day and asked if I would like to take this interview that the station guy. It was James Brown of “NFL Today”. I was floored. After that it just took off.  I was blessed to meet my co-host of 36 Degrees, former player for FSU, James Coleman. We have interviewed so many people including our new Coach, and visiting with Coach Bowden and Coach Andrews. I’m there doing weather, so it’s also easy to report on sports because I know it so well. Law actually intermingles a lot with the two ironically. From NCAA waivers and understanding rules and regulations on stuff like that to making sure the public understands legalities involved with weather. I have been asked for legal opinions in many situations involving both. It’s strange how those come up. I have had such a blast along the way and met so many wonderful people. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. 

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened in either of those fields?

Law: The majority of my practice for years was going after the big banks after the bailouts that were caught skirting the rules, and not abiding by federal guidelines. It was a roller coaster. The craziest day I had was when I broke a story and ended up with 60 Minutes calling me, MSNBC, all the way to any news bureau I can think of. It was wild. 

Weather: craziest and most painful was Hurricane Michael. I’ll never forget that week as long as I live. I woke up after the FSU/Miami game and there was a disturbance in the Caribbean, and we quickly realized it was going to be bad. Warning people for a week and then going down there after to actually see what happened is something I’ll never forget. 

Sports: ACC refs in total. Lol. I’d have to say the past two seasons have been something as well. Any FSU/Miami game in the 80s and 90s would qualify as well, but I will have to give the craziest award to the Choke at Doak. On radio in sports? Finding out my co-host hates Arby’s. Lol. 

How are you getting through these trying times?

I am blessed with a wonderful station manager, Doug Apple, who always keeps me grounded, a wonderful weather team, and a wonderful sports co-host. You just keep going. Hurricane season is here so I will be busy in weather no matter what. Law is always busy. On sports it’s been hard but we turned our focus to working behind the scenes to help people. We have a huge backpack giveaway coming up, and food will be provided to those in need. We rechanneled and are going to start recording again with new focus. My motto: is there are two things you always do in life: What you can and what you have to. 

What’s your capital city pedicab connecting?

You!!!  One of the greatest guys I’m blessed to know. You understand what it’s like to have a unique relationship with these players that we love and cheer, and you do so much for them. I am blessed to know you. 

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