Business Spotlight : The Other Side Vintage

How did the other side vintage get started?My brother owns The Patio Shop. The beginning of 2000 there was space available inside The Patio Shop for retail. He kept asking what shall we do with the empty space on “the other side” of The Patio Shop? My Mom, sister-in-law, and me decided to open up a little second-hand resale shop there March 1, 2000, hence the name The Other Side Vintage. 

How has the other side vintage grown over the years?Five years after we opened, we expanded from the original 1,000 sq foot store on Tharpe Street to a 2,500 sq foot store in Railroad Square Art District. Then in August 2009 we expanded to a 8,000 sq foot store still in Railroad Square Art District. We also brought in some creative and fun booth vendors who joined us in our family owned business.  

What brings people to the other side vintage?Variety! We have an expansive variety of unique objects for home and wardrobe thanks to our fantastic booth vendors. We offer furniture, clothing, jewelry, gifts, home decor, paint for DIY projects, music, collectibles and other oddities.  
What’s next for the other side vintage?At the beginning of this year, we had plans in the works to expand the business. We were super excited about it, and then Covid-19 hit in March. We still have plans in place for expanding, but when that will take place is up in the air for now. 

How are you getting through these trying times?By the Grace of our amazing customers. Honestly! We have had to take it one week at a time to survive this far since Covid-19 hit. We have ramped up our social media and online offerings and our customers have had our back shopping with us locally and from afar. Grateful doesn’t even begin to explain how we feel about their support. 

What’s your capital city pedicab connection?We first noticed the pedicabs at the First Friday Gallery Hops. We were impressed with their impact on Tallahassee tourism. The friendly drivers would give a tour of the art district and literally bring new customers to our front door. We were also proud of Capital City Pedicabs for offering a safe way for people to get back to their cars or other destination. We met the owner Mike, and realized it is because of his love of Tallahassee and his support of local business and community organizations that makes Capital City Pedicabs stand apart from any other business. “Bike Mike” is a Tallahassee treasure!

About Capital City Pedicabs

Keeping the good times rolling since 2012!
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