Business Spotlight : Sprinkles Paradise Treats

How did sprinkles paradise treats come about?I bought a Hershey’s Ice Cream franchise almost 20 years ago. The location fell thru, life happened, my kids came, and it never came to fruition. Years later a client asked me for help opening a donut and ice cream store down in a resort area of Florida. The plans ran into problems with the local government, and things aligned perfectly for us to bring the equipment here, combine with our existing access to Hershey’s Ice Cream, my Mom and Dad’s creative side and Sprinkles Paradise Treats was born!
You launched during a global pandemic but in the summer, how has it been so far?It has been very difficult. We delayed opening about five weeks because of the virus, but as things started to open, we believed it was important to have a fun, family atmosphere. While we’ve gotten a lot of very flattering feedback, but business has been slow and challenging. We are proud of what we’ve created and what we offer to the community, and we believe as the community gets more comfortable going out and the economy starts to recover, that we will be here to provide that fun, family atmosphere.
How has sprinkles paradise treats grown in the short time it’s been open?We’ve been blessed to get featured in the Tallahassee Foodies group on Facebook and in an article written for the Tallahassee Democrat. We’ve adapted to the requests of our customers, changed our hours, added some flavors, and it has been a very fun, rewarding evolution over a short time.
What’s next for sprinkles paradise treats?Big things! We can’t wait for youth sports to start back up, so we can sponsor some teams and have celebration and commiseration parties, lol! We will be starting a Karaoke night very soon. We hope to start building a group who will utilize our high speed WiFi hotspot. We are looking forward to the near future.
How are you getting through these trying times?Unfortunately it is through operating as leanly as possible, reducing hours, reducing the items we offer, etc. But we are maintaining our positivity and optimism, and looking forward to everyone persevering and coming back strong!
What’s your capital city pedicab connection?Mike Goldstein and Capital City Pedicabs have supported me in all of my businesses for several years, and I can’t describe how important that support has been. I feel a connection there that will last a lifetime, and I know I have benefitted from it personally as much as our businesses have. I look forward to many, many more years of partnerships and friendships there.

About Capital City Pedicabs

Keeping the good times rolling since 2012!
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