Radically Authentic : Tales From The Streets Of Tallahassee

Student Athletes Are Students First And Athletes Second

Mike Goldstein

Before I delve into this much heated topic I want to put a full disclaimer out that when I was growing up I thought I was going to be the very best there ever was and a pokemon trainer. I did play sports in my youth but was never really part of the culture until recently. My late grandfather was the concession manager at Tropicana field when he couldn’t stay retired so when we would visit he would often get us into the Tampa Bay Devil Rays games and we would also go see the New York Yankees spring training at Legends field. Movies like The Sandlot, Angels In The Outfield, Remember The Titans and Rookie Of The Year didn’t hurt either. I think people have lost sight of what those movies show us. Student athletes know what they sign up for when they commit to play for the sport they love. The rest of us see the scoreboard and the wins. What we don’t see is the emotions and environment on and off the field. These students have long days where they have to balance their academics, athletics, family, friends, personal and social lives. I ride a bike and am sometimes out as long as they have daily responsibilities. So the next time you are out at a game keep those factors in mind. When you are spewing out online to get a coach fired, how a player screwed up etc. the results of those posts could impact those it’s about for a life time. For some reason the movie Newsies seems to have sticked with me over the years so I will leave you on a quote from that :

“Pulitzer: I ordered a printing ban on all strike matters. Now, who defied me? Who’s press did you use to print this on? Who’s?

Jack: Well, we only use the best, Joe. So, I just want to say, thanks again.”

Mike Goldstein owns Capital City Pedicabs and seems to keep using his freedom of speech too much these days. He can be reached at mike@capitalcitypedicabs.com

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