Radically Authentic : Tales From The Streets Of Tallahassee




Chance are you have seen our owner out and about most of the day and into the night. He doesn’t slow down and isn’t planning on doing so anytime soon.

The reason is he has found a passion and a fire inside him that won’t stop burning.

To most it looks like he is out pedaling most of the day. He is currently typing this blog entry waiting out the rain though.

When he is out he is always thinking 3 steps ahead like that chess game at the end of every X-Men movie when Professor X eventually beats Magneto in their never ending game.

He networks and social media posts like no other and it pays off in the long run.

Advertisers, sponsors, events and more have been booked just by the pedicabs being seen or us being out at networking events.

We wanted to thank you all for the support over the years and plan on being here to help serve the community for years to come!

About Capital City Pedicabs

Keeping the good times rolling since 2012!
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