Radically Authentic : Tales From The Streets Of Tallahassee

Student Athlete… let’s break that down if we can.

These are students first and athletes second. They had to earn and keep their place on the teams they are on. We work with the players, their families and coaches and understand the pressure they are under. They have to maintain their grades or they don’t play it’s that simple (or maybe it’s not we have adapted into the sports culture recently).

The athlete part is where the real pressure comes in. Win or lose they are still out there giving it their all. It’s up to the fans to see where it ends up. We understand they are human and can make mistakes but social media helps or hurts what that entails.

One great play and the players are praised to the roof tops and celebrated for as long as that lasts. One bad play and no one forgets.

As fans we have a duty to realize these players have to live with the outcomes for the rest of their lives. When we are cheering them on that helps and keeps them in the spirits that could turn the tide of the game in their favor. When we are booing or turning to social media to vent our frustrations then the results could be tragic.

So the next time you attend a game keep in mind that these players are also in school. If sports is where their future lies then the positive vibes we send them will help them exceed on the path they are on.

If their future lies off the field that’s ok too. Go Noles and let’s have a great year of sports ahead!

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