Radically Authentic : Tales From The Streets Of Tallahassee





We really hate to beat a dead horse and hope to get some resolution after you read today’s edition of radically authentic. That being said you may want to brace yourselves for an intellectual and open minded discussion to come after reading what we are about to put down on you.

About a month ago our owner used grief to fuel an op ed in the paper to pose the question that keeps getting brought up. Why is a Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce hosting their biggest networking event out of Tallahassee? He has been before and spoke from experience.

We understand it was an opinion piece but it got Tallahassee to start talking. That was the whole point of the op ed. If it keeps getting brought up every year then why isn’t it discussed openly? What is so bad about entertaining the possibility of having a conference here (Advantage Tallahassee is the Capital City Chamber conference that is happening here in November at The Railroad Square Craft House and FSU Turnbull conference center)?

The arguments we have gotten against it are that it “can’t be done here and if it was no one would come and they would be distracted”

Here’s our challenge to you… think about why those are the reasons why not and see if there’s a way to think about why it’s possible a smaller local chamber is doing one here.

That’s enough radical authenticity for today look for us on the streets pedaling for move in week and be careful on the roads as traffic will be back to normal!

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