Free Comedy Night At Birds!

–      How did Free Comedy Night at Birds get started?: It was started in 2010 by Lisa Best and Andrew Duvall, almost 1 year before          I began doing stand-up. After Lisa and Andrew moved to L.A. it was handed off a few times from comic to comic until finally landing with me about 4 years ago. I love this show. I had been running shows ever since I started doing stand-up as there weren’t many in Tallahassee at the time.

–      What do you want visitors and locals to know about Free Comedy Night at Birds that they may not already know?: That anyone can sign up. It is an open mic and I encourage everyone to give it a try. The Free Comedy Night at Bird’s show fully embraces the nature of people to support each other and to want to see each other put their true selves out there and do well. Also, I hand draw a new flyer every week!

–      What brings people to Free Comedy Night at Birds?: I like to think it’s the stellar word of mouth people spread that we are THE comedy show and venue in Tallahassee. But in truth a huge part of the thanks goes to the delicious food and drink specials at Bird’s. And of course the staff. We love those folks and treat us well.

–      How has Free Comedy Night at Birds grown since it started?: That’s a great question. Since I have had control of the show we have enjoyed a steady turnout every week. Most weeks we are packed to capacity. Most weeks. On a Wednesday night. For open mic comedy! In addition, we tend to have around 30 comedians in and around Tallahassee at any given time. That is also a somewhat recent development. People love the venue and they love the show.

–      What’s next for Free Comedy Night at Birds?: Well it’s that time of year where comedians are starting to tour so I’m getting a lot of out-of-town and up-and-coming comedians who want to do the show. It’s the longest running and most successful stand-up comedy open mic in the capital city so it has a reputation. My job is to make it a good one and to keep things fresh and fun for everyone.

Describe Free Comedy Night at Birds in 5 words or less.: 1. Free 2. Comedy 3. Night 4. At 5. Bird’s

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