Learn About Heritage Apparel!

How did Heritage Apparel get started?

I was kicked out of my fraternity’s t shirt committee after I caused a whole commotion over one shirt I wanted to print. The t shirt chair didn’t like it so he tried to silence me and eventually kicked me out of the committee. I wound up making the shirt myself and sold a ton of em. Saw there was an opportunity to repeat that process for other fraternities and sororities and within a couple months, I had a logo and a brand!

What do you want visitors and locals to know about Heritage Apparel that they may not already know?

It was founded by a 19 year old kid with less than $500 in his pockets at the time, and the company has been profitable since day one! Now, Heritage is creating thousands of shirts every month and giving back to the community, being one of the biggest sponsors of greek philanthropy.

How has Heritage Apparel grown since it started?

I remember getting my first check for an order, it was like $700 but I was flipping out! Our first two months, we did around $8,000 in sales. I was just trying to figure out what I was getting into, not focusing on marketing or putting out any ads yet. I just wanted to perfect the process. Within a few months, people heard about our awesome process and a couple new sororities and fraternities started working with me. After those first two months; we started seeing months of $10,000+ in revenue. And by about 9 months in, we were bringing in ~$20,000 per month in sales. Heritage has continued growing to this day, we are about 21 months old now. I’m currently building a team and a training course to get reps on new campuses and really scale this business!

What brings people to Heritage Apparel?

A great reputation is a good place to start, we get a lot of customers who have been referred to us by previous customers! Also, a friendly and helpful sales person can literally make all of the difference in the world. I noticed that a lot of my customers were switching to me, because they were upset with the way they were treated at their previous vendor. One of Heritage’s biggest assets is the quality of people one gets to work with when they choose us.

What’s next for Heritage Apparel?

We are scaling across the country to new campuses and new markets! We’re taking what we’ve done well here at FSU and trying to replicate it on college campuses across the US.

What social media is Heritage Apparel on?

Instagram and Facebook

Describe Heritage Apparel in 5 words or less

Custom clothing for young adults

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