Learn About App Embark!

How did app embark get started?

I’ve spent the better part of a decade working with associations and small businesses in one form or another. I’ve always been a “techy.” When I got involved in the app development world, I noticed there wasn’t a lot of options out there for small businesses to build an affordable app. I saw an opportunity to help provide smaller businesses a chance to compete in the digital market place with an affordable option, so I decided to create App Embark.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about app embark that they may not already know?

We have a framework set up that brings down the cost of app development for our clients enormously. In the past, businesses only had the option of having a “custom” app developed.  This would cost them $15,000 and upwards, which was too high of a barrier for many smaller businesses.  We were able to bring down the costs significantly, so now it’s affordable for small businesses to have their own app. We have over 30 features available for all types of industries, ranging from non-profits, restaurants, lawyers, doctors, schools, churches, insurance companies, etc. One of the major benefits of having your own app is the ability to send out push notifications to your clients. You can even set up “geofences” to where your clients will automatically get a push notification when they enter a specific geographical location.

How has app embark grown since it started?

We are a small business as well. We’ve been branching out into other states, and we are now doing business with companies in over 15 states.

What brings people to app embark?

Our content management system and the fact we’re not a huge corporation. Once we develop an app for our clients, we provide them a login to their own content management system. It’s very easy to use and allows our clients to update the app themselves if they ever need to. Once they update the app, the changes are instant for everybody that has the app on their phone. No update from the app store is necessary. Since we’re not a huge corporation, we’re able to provide a higher level of support for our clients. No calling an outsourced call center, being placed on hold, and talking to a different person every time. They have a direct number to us.

What’s next for app embark?

As we grow, we plan on expanding into other industries and markets.

What social media is app embark on?

We have a Facebook page and a LinkedIn page. Our website is simple, because it’s difficult to show potential customers the content management system without demonstrating it for them in person. Our website is set up to encourage people to schedule a demo with us, so we can walk them through it.

Describe app embark in 5 words or less

Beautiful efficient apps for businesses.


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