Learn About The Florida Animation Festival!

How did the Florida Animation Festival get started?

For the last thirteen years the Tallahassee Film Society has shown the Oscar-nominated animated short films. These Oscar-nominated animated short films were among the best attended of our offerings each year at All Saints Cinema. As a result, TFS decided to expand into an animation festival concept realizing to that there are no regional animation festivals close to Tallahassee.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about the Florida Animation Festival that they may not already know?

Even though the Florida Animation Festival showcases animated talent from around the world, it is very much a community-driven event. Three out of four judges are industry professionals based in Tallahassee. Our commercial was produced by students at the Florida State University (FSU) College of Motion Picture Arts. Many of our submitters come from the southeast, and a few even plan on attending the festival. Additionally, we have a separate screening for shorts made by FSU’s Animation and Digital Arts Program students. The Florida Animation Festival is all about our local community and creating a cultural for animation and the people who love it.

How has the Florida Animation Festival grown since it started?

When the festival first began, it presented no original content. Two years later, most of our content is original. This year, the festival is presenting films from student, intendent, and professional animators from 28 countries. The festival has grown into a platform for animated storytelling across all cultures and talent levels.

What brings people to the Florida Animation Festival?

Our programming is diverse and inclusive, so there’s something for everyone at the festival. For families, we have Select Submitted Family-Friendly Shorts, a free screening of Mary and the Witch’s Flower, and a talk with local animator Keith Osborn on bringing Looney Tunes to the digital age. The Sunday showing of Select Submitted Family-Friendly Shorts is sensory friendly– we have made special accommodations to be more friendly to kids and adults with sensory sensitivities, because we want everyone to be able to enjoy this special event!  Film buffs can come for the Animation Show of Shows, Select Submitted Comedy Shorts, Adults-Only Select Submitted Shorts (films with heavier topics), and Selected Submitted Animated Shorts (including drama, experimental, romance, thriller, and fantasy films. Local art supporters can continue their support by attending the AniMotion Social, Keith Osborn’s presentation, and the Seminole Animation screening.

What’s next for the Florida Animation Festival?

We would love to see more workshops and perhaps add in panel discussions with emerging and established filmmakers. We have had a good turnout for these types of events and it’s great to get the community engaged in the creative process. We want to inspire more people to explore animation, to know that there is work out there if you think you want to pursue this form of storytelling! In addition, we want to continue to receive submissions as we have been and build even stronger programming, inviting filmmakers to attend and visit Tallahassee! And finally, we would really love to build out the festival with even more buy-in from the surrounding businesses so families can plan a whole day around watching films and wandering through the Art Park, or along the Gaines St. district; plus have other screening venues come on board to expand the festival’s footprint around town, and get their nearby businesses involved offering discounts and incentives for our audience members!

What social media is the Florida Animation Festival on?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/floridaanimationfestival/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FLAnimationFest

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/floridaanimationfestival/?hl=en

Describe the Florida Animation Festival in 5 words or less

Film festival spotlighting animated talent

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