Learn About Green4Tally!

How did Green4Tally get started?

Joseph Petty (Chair)

Throughout Sustainable Tallahassee’s 10 year history, there have been several iterations of the Green Business Committee (GBC), with projects such as Best Practice Workshops for businesses. When I joined Sustainable Tallahassee in May of last year and asked then President, Bob Henderson, what I could do to help the organization, he immediately thought of the GBC which had no members at the time. The next thing I knew, I had been named Chair of an otherwise empty committee, with the loosely defined task of creating a green business program.

By June, we had four members, and held our first meeting at Canopy Roads Cafe. It was me, Dacques Viker, Joki Wilkof, Paul Hurst and Tessa Schreiner. We met with community members and business owners for the next six months, and picked up several more volunteers along the way, including a new executive assistant (Bryce Frohlich) and a new intern and co-chair (Carson Menzel).

By December, we had a concept for the program and most of the details worked out, but no branding or logo. I got a little inspiration for the name from another ST committee, Rag2Bags, and came up with a logo design. The rest of the program design was done in just the last few months with the help of even more volunteers for graphic design concepts (Lindsey Masterson) and photography (Haley Davis and Rui Mclellan).

We will be officially launching the program at our March meeting, hosted by The Bark on All Saints St at noon on March 6th. Our meetings are open to the public, and we encourage you to arrive 15 minutes early to order lunch and support our hosting business.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about Green4Tally that they may not already know?

Carson Menzel (Co-Chair)

We would like locals and visitors to know about our website: https://www.green4tally.org/. On this website you can find current Green4Tally members which can help locals or visitors chose a green place to eat. Also, business owners can sign up to become a Green4Tally member or learn more about the program.

Joseph Petty (Chair)

Our program is designed to encourage sustainable business practices in our community. We’ve made it easy to go green by providing guidelines and researching eco-friendly food containers.

How can people be a part of Green4Tally?

Carson Menzel (Chair)

Every first Tuesday of the month at noon we host meetings that are open to the public. The location rotates monthly between our program members to show support for their commitment to a more sustainable community. The locations of each meeting can be found on our Facebook page, be sure to RSVP to the Green4Tally events on Sustainable Tallahassee’s page as well! Follow the link to our pages below. The next Green4Tally meeting is Tuesday, March 6th at noon at The BARK, our newest charter member.

What’s next for Green4Tally?

Carson Menzel (Chair)

As of now, our primary focus is restaurants and bars, due to the amount of waste generated by these businesses. We plan to eventually expand the program to include office, retail, and various other industries.

What social media does Green4Tally use?

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Green4Tally

Instagram: www.instagram.com/green4tally/

#Green4Tally @Green4Tally

Describe Green4Tally in 5 words or less

A greener future for Tallahassee

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