Learn About Cap City Video Lounge!

How did cap city video lounge come about?

Now that’s a long story. I’ve wanted to run my own video rental store my entire life, ever since I was a kid. In our household, Friday night was typically spent getting pizza and then going out to rent some movies. I looked forward to cruising the aisles and looking at whatever struck my fancy, reading the back, checking out the images on the cover and just allowing my imagination to run wild. Fast forward, and I have created The Trash Cinema Collective blog and Facebook group for like minded individuals who love all things cult, low budget and tossed aside by pop culture and what we created soon after that, was Trash Cinema Night at Bird’s Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack, which over the near 7 years we’ve been hosting these once a month screenings of cheesy movies, planted the idea that we could possibly do this exact same thing as a business. A place where folks could go to watch, rent and discuss all things cinema and give The Trash Cinema Collective a home.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about cap city video lounge that they may not already know?

Not only is Cap City Video Lounge the ONLY video rental store in Tallahassee with over 4,000 titles lining our shelves and movie screenings nightly of cult and vintage cinema, we are also available to rent as a party venue for only a buck a minute. For just sixty dollars an hour you can host any kind of event you would like, show whatever movies you want, bring in whatever food or beverage you like at our one of a kind venue.

How has cap city video lounge grown since it started?

We’ve grown extensively since we first opened our doors in 2016. We’ve garnered a loyal and excellent base of customers since CCVL has opened for business, many of which have become close friends of both my wife, Qas, and I. We’re the owners and the sole employees, so we get to know those who come rent and watch movies at Cap City very well. Not only that, but our customers have been incredibly generous with donating their own used movies to us. DVD’s, VHS and Blu-Rays, which have helped to flesh out our already impressive library of titles.

What brings people to cap city video lounge?

At first, I believe it’s curiosity. I mean, people assumed video stores were dead and buried. A relic of an ancient way of life. To see one spring up out of nowhere, not a Redbox, not a streaming service, but an honest to goodness brick mortar video rental store built from the ground up, locally owned and operated with a one screen theater? It’s almost unheard of this day and age. So, curiosity and nostalgia, I would say. But what keeps people coming back is the atmosphere, our selection, our clientele and our customer service. We are pride ourselves in being knowledgeable about our stock and cinema in general and we will do our very best to make sure what you’re looking for is on our shelves. It’s become like a family at Cap City Video Lounge, with our regulars and new folks coming in and finding that this place, this community, jives just right with them, it’s a place for us misfits to come out and be ourselves.

What’s next for cap city video lounge?

Man, well, I suppose we will keep expanding our library of titles and offering our clientele the service they’ve come to expect. However, we are always looking for input as to what people would like to see us do in the future. One thing I’ve been considering since the beginning is allowing people to rent out projectors, screens and sound systems so they can put on their own screenings for parties and gatherings. Something like that might be cool, to provide a rental service. Also, the idea of movie rental delivery has crossed my mind, but all in good time.

What social media does cap city video lounge use?

Primarily Facebook. We have a Facebook page where we post our monthly schedules and events and we do our best to advertise through utilizing our page. We’ve branched out and begun using Twitter and Instagram, but for the most part, we are just on Facebook.

Describe cap city video lounge in 5 words or less

A Film Lovers Paradise.

About Capital City Pedicabs

Keeping the good times rolling since 2012!
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