Learn About One Fresh Pillow!

How did One Fresh PillowTM come about?

The idea for One Fresh Pillow was born out of Aaron’s desire to help his massage therapy clients and my frustration with shopping for pillows. Shortly after starting his massage therapy practice, Aaron noticed that many of his clients were suffering from specific neck and back pain. When he asked them questions to get to the root of the pain, a majority of them would say they didn’t sleep comfortably and were unhappy with their pillow.At the same time, I was in pillow buying hell. As the person buying pillows for the household, I got tired of the typical pillow-buying routine: go to the store. Squeeze plastic-wrapped pillows on the pillow aisle. Settle on something that doesn’t seem terrible. Get it home, take it out of the plastic, hate it, throw it in the closet and start all over again. There was one blissful time I actually found a pillow we liked. When it was time to buy new pillows again, THE STORE DIDN’T CARRY THEM ANYMORE. Our struggles inspired us to help people find a supportive pillow, and then to make sure it was always available to buy again when they needed a replacement.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about One Fresh Pillow that they may not already know?

We will be launching the world’s first pillow subscription service this spring. Not only do we want people to realize the importance of sleeping on a supportive pillow, we want them to realize the importance of replacing their pillows on a regular basis.

How has One Fresh Pillow grown in the short time it started?

We officially launched One Fresh Pillow in June 2016. Back then, we knew almost NOTHING about starting a business, so it’s difficult to quantify how much we’ve grown. It took from inception to December 2017 before we were actually shipping out pillows to consumers. Since the beginning of December, our pillows have been in the hands of customers, and these few weeks have been the most exciting part of the business so far. We’ve had extremely positive reviews, and we love knowing that we are already helping so many people get a good night’s sleep.

What brings people to One Fresh Pillow?

The majority of people who become customers are unhappy with their current pillow. They want something that will help them get the quality of sleep they are looking for. Having a massage therapist as a co-founder and co-creator gives us a level of credibility that differentiates us from our competitors.

What’s next for One Fresh Pillow?

Our subscription service will launch in the spring, and it will redefine the pillow industry as the first company in the world to offer pillows on a subscription basis. Consumers have been conditioned to see pillows as a long-term product rather than something that needs to be replaced on a regular basis. We are excited to educate consumers on the benefits of sleeping on a fresh pillow.

We are also looking forward to starting a recycling program to divert our pillows from the waste stream. This is another service that no other pillow company is providing. With consumer purchases of pillows happening more frequently, it is equally important to dispose of old pillows responsibly. Our recycling program will work hand-in-hand with our subscription service.

What social media does One Fresh Pillow use?

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Describe One Fresh Pillow in 5 words or less

A pillow revolution

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