Learn About Baked Expectations!

How did baked expectations get started? Well, I started baking for myself as a stress reliever while I was in college.  I’d experiment with flavors and combinations and then I’d decorate the cupcakes and post them on Facebook, just so my friends could see them. Sometimes, I’d make too many cupcakes and I’d share them with friends. And then next thing you know, people were asking if I would sell them. So I started posting small menus online just to see if people were interested… and man, people really love cupcakes!  So here we are.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about baked expectations that they may not already know?  We really like “deconstructing” our customers’ favorite desserts. Whenever someone orders a cupcake and can’t figure out what flavor they’d like, we always ask what their favorite non-cupcake dessert is. Whether its ice cream, a candy bar, or a pie… We really love to take apart those flavors and reassemble them into a cupcake form.

How has baked expectations grown since it started? We’ve gone from baking in relative obscurity to actually having a small following – which I’m super proud of. Also, I think our cupcake decorating skill has grown immensely. We’ve learned to do some really awesome (completely edible) cupcake decorations to match themes, like cigars, Christmas trees, and even sheep!

What brings people to baked expectations? People come for the design of the cupcakes… but they come back because the quality and the taste.

What’s next for baked expectations? Obviously, more cupcakes. We’re always looking to expand our flavor capacities… and hopefully, more pop-up shops so people can continue to try our cupcakes.

What social media does baked expectations use? You can find us on Facebook at facebook.com/BakedExpectationsCakery or on Instagram at @bakedexp

Describe baked expectations in 5 words or less: Where cupcakes and art meet. 

About Capital City Pedicabs

Keeping the good times rolling since 2012!
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