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How did Bourne brilliant get started? In 2013, Lyrica (the eldest of the trio) started a bread ministry at the age of 6! We would bake bread and other goodies and distribute them in and outside our community. In order to fund our frequent donating she pitched this business venture to our parents. In the summer of 2013 we were winners in the Kids Inc. contest that was sponsored by the Tallahassee Mall. We were awarded a kiosk for a day in the center of the mall. We credit that experience with fueling our “kidpreneurial” fire. For a while, our business was named “Baking Ballerinas”, but we are no longer interested in becoming dancers so we sought a more fitting name for our current mission. Over the years, we have created our own recipes and re-branded our business into Bourne Brilliant LLC.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about Bourne Brilliant that they may not already know? Though we are seriously on a mission of helping families develop healthier and more informed lifestyles, we are really just a trio of normal kids. We are sisters ages 10, 9 and 6. Though it is evident that this business is a collaborative effort, we each have important individual responsibilities, as well. The oldest handles our social media (with occasional help from Mom), marketing and press releases. The second oldest is the bookkeeper and inventory specialist. The baby of the bunch handles packaging and shipping. While we enjoy baking, cooking and running this business, we have interests in various other hobbies and careers, as well.

How has Bourne brilliant grown since it started? In the beginning, you probably didn’t know our company existed because we rarely vended around the city. We weren’t using social media and we were still discovering our true purpose and platform. We are grateful that for the last year we and our products have become more known in this area and beyond. We have gained more confidence in our recipes as our customer base has increased tremendously. We are proof that word of mouth can help a business increase their revenue and interest within their chosen market.

What brings people to Bourne Brilliant? We honestly believe that the first “attraction” to our company is that we are kidpreneurs who do almost all of this… on our own! We say that because one of the first things that people ask for is confirmation of our ages. Secondly, customers seem to like that we create healthier versions of their favorite comfort foods. We are frequently complimented on our practice of listing all ingredients on the packaging of our products. Some of the other things that seem to be a draw for customers is that we accept custom orders, offer local delivery. The fact that our products are very affordable are a plus, as well.

What’s next for Bourne brilliant? We’re thinking that we may need to develop a hiring process very soon. Seriously, next up… merchandise, books, workshops, increasing our community service and so much more! We want to revisit the idea of establishing a non-profit organization, as well. Lately, we have been putting a cafe and/or bakery on our vision boards. Although we believe in speaking things into existence, we aren’t sure that we have enough time, energy and revenue to make that happen within the next year. Yet, our parents and community have always encouraged us to dream big!

What social media does Bourne brilliant use? In addition to our website (www.bournebrilliant.com), we can be found as bournebrilliantco on Instagram and Facebook.

Describe Bourne brilliant in 5 words or less. Bourne Brilliant handcrafts plant-based pastries, cakes and more.

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