Learn About WDXD!

How did WDXD get started?

Having a radio station was a lifelong dream of mine. From about the age of 12, all I ever wanted to do as a career was to work in radio.

In 1979, I got my first break into the business when Tommy Dee hired me at WTAL-AM 1450. I began on the overnight midnight to 6 am shift and later worked evenings and weekends.

In 1983 I joined WCVC-AM 1330, which at that time was the only Christian-formatted station in Tallahassee.

After retiring from WCVC in 2004 at age 46, I spent some time with family, being a stay at home grandpa to two step-grandsons, Benjamin and Daniel (now 14 and 13, respectively.) In 2013, the opportunity to build a small, non-commercial FM radio station here was presented to me, and I decided to apply. In 2014, Delta Star Radio of Florida Inc., the nonprofit organization I founded, was granted a construction permit. In July 2015, WDXD-LP 101.9 signed on the

air with its newly-granted FCC license.

As an aside, I am legally blind and have some vision challenges. I built the on air

studio part of WDXD myself. i had professional engineer Andy Hanus of FSU help with other parts of the construction.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about WDXD that they may not already know?

WDXD is truly a local operation. In an era of big media corporations, we are different. WDXD is the only radio station we own. Our goal is to provide programming that is not readily

available on other radio stations. After Monte Bitner sold WGWD 93.3/Gretna in 2012, a void was created when the new owners changed formats from classic country to talk. WDXD signed on with a country hybrid format that combines some current music with the classic tunes. I feel fortunate to have music collections from several stations, including the former WGWD. WDXD has the capability of broadcasting CDs and vinyl records, as well as more recent computer sources.

WDXD is a labor of love. All of our on-air folks, including me, are not paid. We love

radio, we love the music, and we love Tallahassee.

We are a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. I don’t sell commercials.

My pitch to listeners is basically, “If you enjoy the music and programming you hear on WDXD, please consider financially supporting us.”

How has WDXD grown since it started?

Our music collection has grown – a LOT – in two years. We have the music from five different radio stations that either changed format or left the air for good. I believe that, over the time it has been on the air, it has brought some listeners back to radio that had stopped listening.

Our morning man, Paul Glimmer, has been with WDXD since October 2015. In the early days we were the only two voices on air. I generally do middays during the week and host

a Sunday Christian music show.

We have added my grandsons as board operators when schedules permit; Joe Laracuente does a weekly sports program; Pastor Henry Miller of Woodville hosts a Sunday morning

Christian program; and Frank and Bobbie Agee host a Sunday afternoon interview program.

What brings people to WDXD?

I think its the live personalities and the older country musc. In the mornings we have traffic, weather, and local info along with a lot of music. We stay focused on Tallahassee and try to super-serve this community. All of our programming decisions are made right here.

What’s next for WDXD?

We are hoping to get a more permanent building for the station. Currently it is

housed in a 8×26 modified construction site trailer I found in Live Oak. We are

pretty much bulging at the seams with everything packed into 208 square feet.

We also had the tower built on site here, at a cost of $13,000. Altogether it cost just under

$30,000 to build the station as is, without anything fancy. I borrowed the $13k from Dad to get the station built on time, and I still owe him. Meantime, we have recouped $19,308 – or

about 65% of the initial investment – in just over two years. i hope I can get Dad repaid within another year or two.

What social media does WDXD use?

We are on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wdxdradio

Also on Twitter @radioboyalan

The Twitter feed is heavily utilized for local weather, traffic, road closures, community

events, and such. If we mention these items on air I also post them on Twitter for reference.

Describe WDXD in 5 words or less

Classic country, memories and more.

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