Catching Up With No Bears Allowed!

What have no bears allowed been up to since we last covered you?

Since the last time you covered us we’ve been doing the same thing, just working really hard to build our program and make sure that No Bears Allowed remains an entertaining, positive group that effectively creates capable improvisers.

What brings people to a no bears allowed event?

I think it’s a mix of a few things. Word of mouth seems to be our primary draw for our shows. We market a lot which is really important as far as just getting the word out, but what really matters is the product. What I think really brings people back is a consistently entertaining show, which I’m proud to say we’ve been able to maintain for a while. What seems to be more important to the audience than us doing perfect improv, is that we are having a good time on stage.

What’s the craziest thing that has happened at a show?

The craziest thing that has happened at a show has to be a few years ago at a longform show on campus when a large hole was accidentally kicked into a wall by a performer. We had to crowdfund to pay the Student Services Building to get it fixed. It was ~*~sick~*~.

Is there anything that is off limits as far as material goes?

So this is an important question. It’s important to distinguish that in improv, as opposed to other forms of performance/comedy, there is no scripted rehearsal happening, there is very little time to flesh out a satire or time to ensure that a difficult topic is dealt with in a respectful manner. What this means is that going all out with really “edgy” material is often not the best idea in an improv scene because it can so easily be misinterpreted and you could end up encouraging someone in the audiences latent support for some not so great things. All that being said, nothing is or should be off limits, but you’re going to make it a hell of a lot harder on yourself to get the audience on your side if you bust out your brilliant edgy satire in the middle of a scene.

What’s next for no bears allowed?

Just practicing and shows my guy. Practice and performance, as much of the two as we can fit in our schedules. My goal is for us to have fun, to be as technically sound as possible, and to get everyone as much stage time as we can because that’s what really makes you better. We have all of our show dates for next semester booked, we are getting a ton of shows around town and are currently working on getting a regular show at a local venue, the details of which are coming soon. We’re also trying to travel as much as we can. Going to festivals and competitions is such a great opportunity to bond as a team and to get some great experience in, we just performed in Gainesville and it was a blast. In the past we’ve gone to places like Gainesville, Miami and Atlanta and it’s a blast.

What social media does no bears allowed use?

We have accounts on pretty much every social media. Facebook is the primary social media we use just because it’s really good for organizing events but we just got an instagram and I think it will be great for us marketing wise. Follow us!

Describe no bears allowed in 5 words or less

Rag-Tag Scally-Wag Improv

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