Meet The Candidate : Bill Schack

Happy What brings you to Tallahassee?

I came to Tallahasse to attend FSU in 1985.

How has Tallahassee grown over the years?

Over the years, Tallahassee has grown to be a very large City. However, the growth is concentrated in only a few areas, which is hurting other areas of town. We are not this quaint little town anymore, and we need to treat it that way.

What made you want to run for city commission?

I have been involved in charitable work for almost 20 years. I was Executive Director of a charity for the intellectually disabled, and during that time, I got to know many volunteers and Directors who run other non-profits. They all seem to have to beg the City Commission for money each year from this small pot of funds, yet they all do so much to actually impact lives daily. Add my work, at the homeless shelter the past 2 years, and I became concerned that our City Officials had no problem spending money on projects, studies, and raising taxes, but not helping important charities who need funds to survive. I hope to change the priorities at City Hall, and how we spend our money. That is why I am running. 

If elected what are your goals for the city?

If elected, my goals are to tackle the tough issues that our current Commissioners talk about every year, but never solve. Besides helping non-profits secure funding they need to continue their great work, we need to address crime. The crime rate must be lowered, and our Law Enforcement need to have the tools, police officers, and facility to do a better job. That includes moving the Police Station to the Southside, which has been talked about for years.

What social media do you use?

I am all over social media, I think it is a terrific tool to get the message across about everything, good and bad. I have a Facebook page Bill Schack for City Commission 2018, I am on twitter @SchackBill, and of course I have a website at 

Describe Tallahassee in 5 words or less

In 5 words, I would describe Tallahassee as caring, fun, and growing City.

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