Learn About Tallahassee Comic Con!

How did Tallahassee comic con come about?

Tallahassee Comic Con came about due to three things.

1. We needed to grow up as a convention and ALT*Con has always been viewed as a Mom & Pop convention. We were never taken seriously. That needed to end.
2. That being said, we were still growing and needed to become more organized. After the Nicholas Brendan debacle. We realized that once I left the convention to deal with him, no one else knew what to do. That hurt us in many ways. We needed a group of professionals to run the convention, not just two people with some helpers.

3. The final reason was we needed the convention to be it’s own entity as opposed to an event put on by another company, like ALT*Con was. So Tallahassee Comic Con Inc. is a Florida 501c3 Charity and is run as such. It is it’s own entity with a Board of Directors which I am the President of and it’s own Officers. Now it is no longer just my decision, everything we do has to go through a board meeting and get voted on from the guests we bring in all the way down to where we purchase a table from.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about Tallahassee comic con that they may not already know?

Most importantly we want them to feel at home. We want them to realize we will never sell out to a corporate shell. We are a locally owned business, we live right here in Tallahassee and often times when you are handed a flyer that is one of the Board of Directors handing it to you. You may be standing in front of the President of the convention and have the perfect opportunity to ask questions or voice concerns. We actually do all of the hard work ourselves. We want their input on things, who do they want to see as a guest. At the same time they need to understand that you don’t just “invite” someone to be a guest, you have to pay for them. We have no problem bringing Peter Capaldi in, as long as they understand that our tickets would go up to $75/Weekend overnight. We can bring in much bigger names, but without support from local businesses or higher ticket prices, it simply isn’t realistic.

How can people be a part of Tallahassee comic con?
That one is easy. Simply go to our website athttps://tallahasseecomiccon.org/index.php/attendee-info/volunteerand follow the directions. Or simply go to our Facebook page athttps://www.facebook.com/TallyComicConand send us a message.

What can attendees expect at Tallahassee comic con?

Well it is a comic con, so of course you can expect comic book artists, writers, inkers and dealers, vendors selling things from numerous fandoms, film/TV stars from different eras of pop culture like Naomi Grossman from American Horror Story, voice over artists like Beau Billingslea, and others that we have not even announced yet. Demonstrations from different organizations like the SCA, displays from groups like the 501st and other. They can expect entertainment which we have yet to announce, after parties, the Muggles & Magic party on Friday night that will involve the different houses competing for limited edition swag. A lot of things will be going on.
What social media does Tallahassee comic con use?
Simple enough, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and then of course our own website.

Describe Tallahassee comic con in 5 words or less.

TCC, The Place To Be.

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