Learn About The Pedicabgo App!

How did the pedicabgo app come about?

Pedicab go came about from knowing I was missing out on potential rides. The only return rides I was getting were from business cards I would hand out or entering my actual phone number into the customers phone. I thought what makes other modern ride hailing companies successful? All of these companies have an app, so after asking around and doing some research I found that there isn’t really that for pedicabing. So I thought if the customer had an app to contact me, I wouldn’t have to worry about customers losing my card or forgetting my name after I entered it into their phone.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about the pedicabgo app that they may not already know?

Visitors and locals should know that pedicabgo’s primary goal is to get you in contact with your rider as fast and easy as possible. Your pedicaber usually will also know where the best places to get a bite to eat are, the best local bars and almost always know the fastest route to get there.

How does the pedicabgo app help simplify the pedicab industry?

Pedicabgo’s mission is too not only make finding and contacting your pedicab driver very easy, but too eliminate the uncertainty of coordinating a ride. Far too many times have I asked a customer where they needed to be picked up, then to find out they were actually 1 block the other way. With pedicabgo’s google map finder we hope to eliminate those scenarios when your customer sends their exact google map location.

How has the pedicabgo app grown in the short time since it’s launch?

Even though Pedicabgo app is fairly new, we’re already getting a lot of great feedback and support. Pedicaber’s accross the nation have downloaded the app and are even making feature requests that are being put into the latest updates. Hopefully this can continue and pedicabgo can grow along side the pedicab community.

What’s next for the pedicabgo app?

Pedicabgo is currently building the iphone app, and we’re on target for a release in the next couple of weeks.

What social media does the pedicabgo app use?

none really except instagram: PedicabGo

Describe the pedicabgo app in 5 words or less

Find your pedicabber, and ride!

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