Learn About Bar Trivia With Hank!

How did Bar Trivia with Hank get started?

I used to play trivia on a regular basis in a local restaurant, but when our host moved my team decided to take some time off. Not long after, a friend who was working at a local biker bar – The Rusty Bucket – asked me to run a trivia night for them. She said they’d pay me in beer. Everything went great, and a few weeks later they suggested paying me in cash because I was drinking all their beer. About the time the Rusty Bucket closed in 2011, a group of grad students scouted me to host a night for them at the Corner Pocket. Six years, thousands and thousands of rounds, many different venues, and god knows how many beers and here I am, a professional Trivia Host.


What do you want visitors and locals to know about Bar Trivia with Hank that they may not already know?

I am a Trivia Host because I love facts and information. I write every question (except the obvious ones – 10 Final Jeopardy questions, something like that), and I try to tailor them toward the individual venues and what players enjoy. I always take requests, but I don’t do straight up sports rounds. I tend to run a geekier night, but my hope is that everyone who plays has fun.

Also, if you have never played you may not know about Hoarders’ Delight, something you only get at Bar Trivia With Hank. That’s where I pull the name of one team out of my tip jar every night and they get to take home some random stuff that’s been taking up space in my car or house. Anything from a broken modem to a machete, a Batman poster to a used waffle maker. Everybody gets a chance to win!


How has Bar Trivia with Hank grown since it started?

By leaps and bounds! At the Bucket I had a half dozen teams of a few people each, using trivia as a way to kill time while they did some Monday drinking (I am a big fan of Monday drinking). Not I run a steady five nights per week, from Proof in Railroad Square to Northside Pies out Thomasville Road. I’m proud to be one of the only people in the south – maybe even in the country – making my living as a professional Quiz Lord.


What’s the craziest thing to happen at a Bar Trivia with Hank night?

Things can get a little loud and rowdy, but never all that crazy. It’s bar trivia!


What’s next for Bar Trivia with Hank?

Bigger! Better! Badder! More music rounds! More dorky stuff! I’ve been doing themed nights on Mondays at Under Wraps (an entire night built around one topic instead of my usual style of 5 rounds with a different topic each) and that’s a ton of fun.


What social media does Bar Trivia with Hank use?

Check me out on Facebook at facebook/bartriviawithhank for schedules, puzzles, and hints.

Describe Bar Trivia with Hank in 5 words or less

Drunk nerds winning free beer.

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