Learn About Tallahassee Lemonade Day!

What do you want visitors and locals to know about Tallahassee lemonade day that they may not already know?
What people may not know about Lemonade Day Tallahassee is that, even after three years, we are STILL the only city in Florida to participate and the next nearest city is probably Jackson, Mississippi! There are no cities at all in Georgia!

How has Tallahassee lemonade day grown since it started?

Since it got started, Lemonade Day Tallahassee has grown almost three fold! The first year, we had about 25 children register for the free training with about 16 stands opening on Lemonade Day that year. In the second year, 2016, the Health Department reinstated the requirement that each stand would need to purchase a $50 permit in order to operate so instead of growing from year 1 to year 2, the number of stands that opened that year actually decreased! Luckily, there are so many more people that are apart of the Lemonade Brigade and they were able to get permits waived from the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation and the Department of Health! Yay!

How can people be a part of Tallahassee lemonade day?

It’s easy to participate in Lemonade Day Tallahassee! All parents (or any loving adult) has to do is go to https://tallahassee.lemonadeday.org and create an account to register any children they want to participate! The training materials are FREE!! There is a separate, additional registration to be an official Lemonade Day Tallahassee lemonade stand; that link is also on the Lemonade Day Tallahassee website, near the bottom where it says ‘Stands.’

What’s next for Tallahassee lemonade day?

Next for Lemonade Day Tallahassee is the addition of a co-City Director, Prof. Kenyatta Rosier. She is amaaaazing at creating experiential events so definitely look for the town to painted yellow for Lemonade Day Tallahassee 2018!

What social media does Tallahassee lemonade day use?

Find us on Instagram and Twitter! We’re @tallylemonade and our Facebook page is Tallahassee Lemonade Day!

Describe Tallahassee lemonade day in 5 words or less

In 5 words less? We’d say Lemonade Day Tallahassee is “Local kidpreneurship at its best!”

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