Catching Up With King Complex!

What has king complex been up to since we last spoke?

Cody: We’ve been arting all over the place and it’s actually starting to get pretty disgusting.

Bracher: Lots of gigs and that sort of thing. Working on some new ideas and gearing up for the next phase.

You have played in Tallahassee and are about to do another show here. How has the vibe been here so far?
Cody: It’s been great! We have a lot of great friends in the area, and meet new ones every time we’re in town for a show. The energy of people there is contagious.

Bracher: Yeah it’s always felt like a homecoming of sorts and is something I look forward to every time we book a show there. The vibe is always cool and we’re always excited to show everyone how we’ve evolved since the last time. Not to mention it’s a college town so everyone is usually down to party.

What makes a king complex show stand out?

Cody: We blend all of your senses into a smoothie and then help you drink it.

Bracher: We try to make it a well rounded experience. We want to appeal to as many of the senses as we can and from what I’ve gathered we’re getting closer to accomplishing that. 

You’re about to drop your second album. Tell us about that and what it has taken to get to that point.

Bracher: I think it’s a really interesting but organic evolution from the last release. I think we really refined some of the things we attempted to do on the last record and wrote some really good songs. I’m not sure how much I can say without giving it away but I can’t wait to get it out.

Cody: I couldn’t be more excited about the next album. I really feel that we’ve really put the most feeling and thought into it compared to anything that I’ve been a part of before. I hope that it puts the listener in a place where they can truly escape from their everyday life and then return to it feeling renewed.

What does the future hold for king complex?

More music, comic books, music videos, photos, custom napkins, silverware, a dank ass cereal, and our very own brand of dish soap.

Where can we find you on social media?

Facebook, Instagram @kingcomplexmusic, Twitter @kingcomplexband (for the real important stuff)

Describe king complex in 5 words or less

Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

About Capital City Pedicabs

Keeping the good times rolling since 2012!
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