Meet Vacation Deadpool!

CCPC: How did vacation deadpool come about?

VDP: I’m from a parallel dimension. One day I decided that it might be fun to see what chimichangas tasted like on different Earths so I stole a dimension-hopping gizmo from Reed Richards (as one does) and I was Swayze. 
My first stop was a dimension where Mexico had been invaded by France during that Earth’s World War 19. Mexican food DID exist but it was all Frenchy and gross so I dipped. 
The next one was pretty chill. Nickelback wasn’t a thing and there was free WiFi everywhere you went. But JNCO’s were still in style for some reason and no one should have to live like that. 
Eventually I landed here where airlines act like Nazis, Nazis act like bratty teenagers, and Donald Trump is president. I figured “this seems good for a laugh” so I decided to stay. Also Reed’s gizmo broke and I can’t get it fixed since the Fantastic Four only exist in comics and a handful of unwatchable movies. 
CCPC: What do you want visitors and locals to know about vacation deadpool that they may not already know?
VDP: That my new favorite hobby is entertaining and I’m available for parties and events! I have found that I love to host things like variety shows, costume contests, and other events. Or (for a small fee) I will just show up to your party to hang out and be in pictures. I have my own selfie stick! I also do promotional videos. And I can always be found at comic book conventions around the state. 
CCPC: How has vacation deadpool evolved since he first started out in the Tallahassee event scene?
VDP: That’s an excellent question. Yes, I am kind of an inspiration, now that you mention it. 
CCPC: Is there any event vacation deadpool won’t do?
VDP: Not so far. 
CCPC: How can one get in touch with vacation deadpool?
VDP: Many ways! I am on Facebook as Vacation Deadpool, Instagram as @vacation_deadpool, I have a YouTube channel (coming soon), or if you prefer you can email my hetero life partner Scott Peavy at and he will pass the message along. 
CCPC: What’s next for vacation deadpool?
VDP: Lunch. Prolly leftover pizza. 
Also, I’ll be at MegaCon in Orlando next weekend with about 200 other Deadpools so look for a new photo album coming soon! 
CCPC: Where can we find vacation deadpool on social media?
VDP: I already answered that. Geez, it’s like this isn’t really an interview and all of these questions were pre-written or something. 
CCPC: Describe vacation deadpool in 5 words or less

VDP: We all float down here. 

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