Learn About Working Class Wednesday!

How did working class Wednesday get started?Working class Wednesday started out of an eagerness to serve my community. I sat down one day thinking of all the ways I could help but didn’t want to duplicate anyone else’s dreams or ideas. The local economy crossed my mind and I immediately started thinking back to when my dad operated his own business , as well as thoughts of my own business ownership both past and present. The hardships local business face is undoubtedly a very serious issue whether its due to lack of advertising dollars or just a lack of local support in general I begin to think what can be done. I thought what if we created a platform in which local businesses could all come together and pitch there ideas to one another as well as the public at large. Working Class Wednesday is the name that popped in to my head. I thought it was both catchy and appropriate for the mission. I then reached out to Ms.Ayla Madison of Power Promotions whom was a serious catalyst in assisting me to get this ball rolling . She then helped me team with Mr. Remy Sawyer of Plush Lifestyles Event Planners. The chemistry we all have together has greatly contributed to the early success of this event. 

What do you want visitors and locals to know about working class Wednesday that they may not already know?Working class Wednesday is for everyone, not just business owners and its always FREE to the public. 

How has working class Wednesday grown since it started?We started with a once a month tradeshow/business networking event but through sponsorships hard work and perseverance we have for the last 3 months also incorporated a business meet and greet at Hotel Duval’s Level 8. We are now working hand in hand with an assortment of local groups and business owners to help bridge the gap between local business and the community. 

What brings people to working class Wednesday?The networking aspect in a relaxed informal atmosphere is what I think attracts the most people to working class Wednesdays. 

How can people be a part of working class Wednesday?We accept applications for vendor set-up throughout each month as well as sponsorship opportunities up until the day before the event. The vendor set-up fees are always kept as minimal as possible simply to make it more affordable for local business owners and also includes a months worth of social media marketing through 

What social media does working class Wednesday’s use?@Working Class Wednesday on Facebook and Instagram. 

Describe working class Wednesday in 5 words or less Smart-Hip-Innovative-Networking-Mixer are five words I would use to describe working class Wednesday. We stand firm in our mission to bridge the gap between local community and small business and we don’t plan on giving up any time soon . Thanks for all of your help! 

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