Learn About Ahotspot!

How did Ahotspot get started? 

AHotSpot was first just a figment of my imagination at first. A mobile app idea that is a combination of a select set of features, that when paired together, will change the way you see the world. So I worked at Applebees instead of going to college for two years. Ive started by self funding myself, and taking a chance. 

What do you want visitors and locals to know about Ahotspot that they may not already know? 

If there’s multiple people taking pictures, make AHotSpot. Give your party it’s story. #remembertheparty

View profiles of the people at the place near you so you can read the bio of the right person to meetup.

How has Ahotspot grown in the short time it launched? 

AHotSpot has befriended great people and partnered with small businesses to help fuel the traffic.

What brings people to use Ahotspot? 

Giving your party it’s story, and helping you remember the day!

What’s next for Ahotspot? 

Ok. First, Give your party it’s story. So that then you can remember the day, by easily creating a music video with a song of your choice and with the photos from the story created there. The best way to tell people near you who you are is with an audible scrapbook. AHotSpot Music videos of your story. Made by the party, and AHotSpot.

What social media does Ahotspot use? 

AHotSpot is the next social media platform. See AHotSpot anywhere in the world live. Download AHotSpot in the iOS mobile App Store.

Describe Ahotspot in 5 words or less 

Download AHotSpot, iOS App Store

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