Meet The Pedicab Guy!


Thanks for the opportunity to write to you about my business. It’s actual name is White Bikes LLC, but people started calling me the Pedicab Guy. When I was transitioning out of the Navy I needed a part time job while I was attending a community college in Moses Lake, so I brought an instant money maker home with me as a supplemental income. The locals already know that the business is in town, and I use Facebook and Instagram to make sure people know I’m giving rides on my pedicab. I also attend events, and ride along in parades so that the entire community know I exist, but what locals don’t know is that I’m not just a cyclist, but I collect old bikes too. I actually enjoy the vintage 60s and 70s era. Since I started the business back in 2015 I have grown to know the market better and more educated on advertising. People come to me for rides because I offer them on social media and on the streets. I’ll often have people flag me down for a ride across town. The next move for the business is to get other people on bikes here on the lake town landing and create a very active bicycle community. I intend on doing so by bringing Bike-share to my home town, but as with everything, it’s got to be funded, so I’m working on a few ideas to make it a reality. The Pedicab Guy is unique  (five words or less). Again, thanks for reaching out to the pedicab network and I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

About Capital City Pedicabs

Keeping the good times rolling since 2012!
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