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SNES Inspired shirtHow did Super Secret Bonus Level come about?

I have been a gamer since I could hold a controller. I have personally owned most every game system since the Atari 2600. I love video games for so many different reason. Fun. Stress relief. Music. Some are works of art. I love the culture surrounding them. I have always wanted to have my own video game store. Not only do I want to buy and sell games to help others enjoy gaming, but I wanted to have a place that truly celebrates gaming. Super Secret Bonus Level will be much more than a store. We have game music playing for ambience. We have game stations where people can come and play games. We have game related artwork. We want to gave more memorabilia. We will be having social events, tournaments, and local leaderboards. It should be a fun place for any gamers. We have so much planned.
SSBL started out at the Tallahassee Flea Market near the end of October 2016. Things were really good out there. Moving into Railroad Square felt like a good next step for the business. SSBL can now do the more social aspects that I wanted to do and expand to offer even more services and products.
What do you want visitors and locals to know about Super Secret Bonus Level that they may not already know?

SSBL is first and foremost a game store. A gamer’s store for gamers is what I like to call it. One thing we offer at this location is system refurbishment and repair, which is something not all stores do. SSBL also does computer repair and servicing. I also want SSBL to be an art gallery of sorts. I would love for local artists to be able to bring in their video game artwork to display and sell in our store. We also feel our trade-in values are very competitive for the market and we do trade credit or cash. We also pay more for games that are on our wanted list. The wanted list has games our customers specifically request and we contact them when we get them in.

What makes Super Secret Bonus Level stand out?

I call it a gamer’s store for gamers. I think the layout and atmosphere will make it stand out a bit from other places. All of the social things we have planned to give fun things to do for the gaming community. SSBL also pays pretty well for retro games compared to other stores. I want the store to be a fun place that anyone would like to visit even if they just come to bath in a little bit of nostalgia. Celebrate your love of games in lots of different ways. There is so much to say about what SSBL is striving to be.

Is Super Secret Bonus Level just for retro gamers?

Not at all. Many modern gamers are retro gamers and don’t even know it. Classics never die. There has been a surge in retro graphics by the indie game developers. This is exposing the current generation of gamers to a more vintage look and feel to games. There is a great deal of charm to pixel and sprite art. It is allowing them to discover these older games and systems and open up a whole new world of gaming to enjoy. SSBL would love to carry more current generation systems and games such as the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or Playstation 4. These games however are not normally traded in to stores such as this one. People are welcome to do so and we pay well for current and retro games alike. We think gamer’s would be better served to come here and do their trade-ins and then take that money to another store to buy things, instead of trading their games in for sometimes literally pennies.

What’s next for Super Secret Bonus Level?

Right now we are in our soft open period. Our grand opening will during Railroad Square’s First Friday event in April, April 7th. We still have some work to do to get the store how we want it. Then the sky is hopefully the limit for us. We are trying to get the word out to Tallahassee that we are here. If people could tell people we are out here then that would be wonderful. We need more games, system, artwork, memorabilia, everything gaming related. We want to be a great fun place for Tallahassee residents to come to and celebrate all things gaming.

What social media does Super Secret Bonus Level use?

We have a website (supersecretbonuslevel.com). Our main social media platform is Facebook (Facebook.com/supersecretbonuslevel). We will have  all of our events posted there. Also posted there will be things like our trade-ins, games on our wanted list, specials, events, etc. We also have a Twitter account (@ssblevel), but we don’t post to it nearly as much as Facebook.

Describe Super Secret Bonus Level in 5 words or less

A gamer’s store for gamers.

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