Learn About Journeyman Coffee!

How did journeyman coffee get started?

Journeyman started because I have always had a desire to do my own thing, I have worked for some great businesses, but their take was never mine. I started out doing catering, mostly weddings, and an occasional pop-up cafe. the pop-ups let me play around with styles of service and drink menus, plus I got to bring in guest baristas regularly. I cannot even list all the people who worked a Journeyman gig in the early days, but it was so much fun to work with a diverse and changing cast. One day, I will throw a party for everyone who worked one, and it will be a gathering of very cool people. Journeyman was started as a side gig that wanted to be more, and now I am excited to give it a full time chance to grow. 
What do you want visitors and locals to know about journeyman coffee that they may not already know?

1) That we exist! We are quite new, and located inside the Miccosukee Root Cellar restaurant (1311 Miccosukee Rd), which is a bit confusing at first. Also, that we are sharing a space. The Root Cellar serves quiche and baked goods, with more lunch options from 11am-2pm, and we are there serving coffee the whole time, 7am-2pm, Tues-Sat. You can sit down and hang out, or just come through for a quick coffee.

2) We love feedback! Some businesses hate feedback, or at least they act that way. No one gets better without feedback. If you love something (or don’t), we’d love to talk about why. Email us at Journeyman Coffee, send a FB or IG message, or just sit at the bar and let’s discuss it.

How has journeyman coffee grown since it started?

We have a permanent home now. People can find us when they want, instead of having to figure out where and when we are serving. We have two employees, Beth and Reid, who are doing a great job. It’s a whole different world.

What brings people to journeyman coffee?

I think it is our passion. We are really excited to be doing what we are doing. I’ve wanted to run a cafe for years. If I didn’t need to work, I’d make people coffee for free. We try to be really friendly too, and that helps.

What’s next for journeyman coffee?

I wish I knew that answer. We are currently looking at possibilities to decide where we want to go, and how to get there. Keep an eye on us, we’ll do something fun, one way or another.

What social media does journeyman coffee use?

Pretty much Facebook and Instagram for now.

Describe journeyman coffee in 5 words or less

I hope we live up to these everyday: 






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