Entertainment Spotlight : Joshwa McDaniel 

1) what made me want to be a musician?

– I was in school and saw a guy play Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson for one of my classes, and I saw how he just enjoyed it and how everyone reacted and I wanted the same thing. I wanted to have the floor and be heard, and I wanted people to enjoy it. 

2) what do I want visitors and locals to know about being a musician that they may not already know? 
– The flaws are what make you great. The crack in your voice, or the funny way you pronounce things…that kind of thing. That’s what gives music its soul. Musicians, and just people in general, are made perfect by their imperfections. I grew up with a lot of people who always told me the most important thing is to be very technically correct when singing–that is, to have perfect pitch and enunciation of words. I grew to learn that technical aspects of singing can be taught; the minor flaws cannot. 

3) Who has been an influence in my music? 

– Elvis Presley is my all-time favorite singer–just someone who sang with such soul and performed with such heart. Nowadays, I’m kind of cliché and I’d say Ed Sheeran, another of my favorites, has been a big influence on me. I was introduced to Ed’s music before he was famous, before people knew who he was. The fact that a normal guy with a guitar and a handful of love songs made it big made me believe I could too. Other influences would be Jack Johnson, Johnny Cash, and believe it or not, the band NeverShoutNever. 

4) How has the industry evolved over the years? 

– I think there’s been an increase in the amount of singer-songwriters there are in the world because people are becoming more open to expressing themselves, and I love it. 

5) What’s next for me? 
– I’m currently in the process of recording my first EP which I plan to give to anyone and everyone who wants it. I’d like to be heard. I want to play gigs. I want to meet people. 

6) What social media do I use? 
– Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat; I post videos to YouTube. 

7) Describe being a musician in 5 words or less. 
– I love what I do. 

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