Learn About The FSU Flying High Circus!

How did the FSU Flying High Circus get started?

Founded in 1947 by Jack Haskin, the Florida State University “Flying High” Circus is an extra-curricular activity under the Division of Student Affairs. This program was created to integrate men and women when FSU became a co-ed institution and is still an activity for male and female students to participate in jointly. The only requirement to be a member of the FSU Circus is that one must be a degree-seeking student registered at Florida State University.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about the FSU Flying High
Circus that they may not already know?

Many are amazed after watching our performances and surprised that it is put on by amateur college students. Even though they receive no class credit, our students are able to put on a performance that rivals that of a professional show. Not only do these students perform in the show, but they are also involved in virtually every aspect of production, from setup of our Big Top to the sewing of our costumes.

How has the FSU Flying High Circus grown over the years?
Our program has grown immensely over the past few years. Guests come to our Home Shows from all over the country to see our student performers in action. We have around 1,000 guests per show totaling over 10,000 guests each show series. This is a much larger amount than what we had experienced in the past.
What brings people to the FSU Flying High Circus?

Our group of students performers is the main attraction to the FSU Flying High Circus. Their talent and dedication to this program is what makes our annual shows possible. They are a marvelous group of individuals who have taken advantage of an amazing learning opportunity from the circus as part of their collegiate experience and this draws interested people from all over the country.
What’s next for the FSU Flying High Circus?
Our Home Show Series! Our Home Show Series begins April 1st and continues through the first three weekends in April. Our show dates and times can be found on our website, circus.fsu.edu.

What social media does the FSU Flying High Circus use?

We are on Facebook as The FSU Flying High Circus and Instagram

Describe the FSU Flying High Circus in 5 words or less

Golden tradition under the BigTop!

Photos courtesy of Bob Howard

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