Learn About Flippin’Great Pinball!

Q: How did Flippin’ Great Pinball come about? 

A: Flippin’ Great Pinball is our effort to bring something new and unique to the Tallahassee area. Myself and the other owners are large pinball and arcade enthusiasts and we love to play and compete. Unfortunately, it has become difficult — sometimes even impossible — to find quality pinball games to play in public. Flippin’ Great is meant to be that place. Not just for pinball enthusiasts, but anyone who is looking for a fun activity or something different to do. Our focus is on providing a large amount of games (currently around 35) in great working order for an audience of all ages.

Q: What do you want vistors and locals to know about Flippin’ Great Pinball that they may not already know?

A: First, we’re here! We’ve only been open for a handful of months and are tucked away in the back of Railroad Square Art Park. If you haven’t been by yet, check us out. We’re open five days out of the week from Wednesday to Sunday and offer admission-based pricing — no quarters needed! For people that have been by before, I would want to let them know that we offer party rentals which is a great opportunity for you and your friends to have a blast. The party package includes rental of the party room in the back, all-day admission for up to 16 people, and even a personal tournament if you’d like it! We also hold a monthly IFPA pinball tournament to get those competitive juices flowing.

Q: How has Flippin’ Great Pinball grown in the short time it has been open?

A: We still consider ourselves in the growing stages. We’re constantly trying to spread awareness of the business through quality customer service, providing an inclusive and fun environment, and listening to any customer concerns. We have employees on staff to help you with any issues you may experience — from immediately fixing a stuck ball to explaining the game rules to maximize your score. Really, it’s just about our customers. The more friends they talk to and bring in, and the more fun those people have, the more we’ll continue to grow!
Q: What brings people to Flippin’ Great Pinball?

A: It differs for each person. For some, it’s to have a good time. For others, it’s a chance to experience a slice of nostalgia that they haven’t been able to touch in decades. Others enjoy coming in after a hard day’s work and tapping into the stress relieving aspects of pinball. But for everyone, it’s the uniqueness of the experience. It’s the opportunity to do something you can’t do anywhere else.

Q: What’s next for Flippin’ Great Pinball?

A: We’re constantly striving to change our lineup of games up in order to provide variety and different playing experiences. We will continue to grow our monthly IFPA pinball tournaments and we’d really like to get some weekly league play going.
Q: What social media does Flippin’ Great Pinball use?

A: Facebook is our primary outlet, but we also run active Twitter and Instagram accounts. We also provide frequent streams of pinball and arcade games on our Twitch channel.

Q: Describe Flippin’ Great Pinball in 5 words or less.

A: Come play and leave happy.

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