Entertainment Spotlight:Learn About A Cappella With Deke Sharon

How did A Cappella get started?

a cappella is the oldest music, predating history. People have an instinct to sing, like birds, whales, crickets, and when even just one person sings without instruments, that’s a cappella

What do you want visitors and locals to know about A Cappella that they may not already know?

That it is the oldest music, and the most stylistically varied, ranging from Gregorian chant to Pentatonix

How has A Cappella grown over the years?

That would take a book to answer (which I’m actually writing just now). Suffice it to say as culture has changed so has music, and a cappella has been a central part of music around the globe from the beginning. 

How has the success of the Pitch Perfect movie series (and other tv shows/movies) raised the awareness of A Cappella?

It is just one piece, but an important piece, as the movies have brought high quality a cappella into theaters and living rooms around the world. Once people see the movies, they often go looking for more, and fall in love with great collegiate and professional groups from all over. 

What’s next for A Cappella?

We just opened the first ever a cappella musical on Broadway (“In Transit” – it’s amazing!) and I’m making Pitch Perfect 3 right now… many good things on the horizon. 

What social media do you use?

All the major ones, but I find myself using Facebook the most often, followed by Twitter

Describe A Cappella in 5 words or less

People singing with other people

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