Entertainment Spotlight : Jason Paige

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When did you know you wanted to be a musician?
August 23 1972 3:43 pm. With the self awareness of my actions as a 3 year old i was given, as many are, toy bells, drums horns and recorders etc. While playing in that pure state of joy and discovery i was what a musician actually is. One who makes sound, vibrations in the air for the purest intentions. Each of us is a musician as we learn to sing the ABC song. Sometimes before we even learn how to speak. Organic human behaviors are rhythmic and melodic. We walk, chew, pump blood in time. We create melody with laughter and speech. Try recording anything for 3 seconds and playing it back repeatedly and you’ll instantly hear rhythm and melody in every word, laugh and cry. However It wasn’t till later in life that i realized how music is everywhere and that we are all musicians whether we think it or not.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about being a musician that they may not already know?
Being a musician in the traditional context involves very little of its organic roots. Its primarily repeating a predetermined path on a grid laid down by someone else with a motive or message they are selling. Its parroting someone else’s music. Someone else’s song. And not usually for the purest intentions. I hear the motive underneath the music. And its usually to sell something. Or to underscore the sale of something else. Why is the music occurring? whats the motive? If you listen carefully you can hear if its an ego project if its a sales pitch if its background sonic wallpaper if its for pure joy.

How has the industry evolved over the years?
Technologies have always changed the landscape of music in profound ways. From the papyrus scrolls notating ancient Gregorian chant to classical music transferred on paper to piano scrolls to electricity and amplified devices to radio waves and recording devices like metal plates vinyl, tapes, then cds and now digital recording softwares. Online distribution and monetization has migrated from big companies to individuals giving them more power to make whatever they want and control it all from a laptop.

With it being Pokemon’s 25th anniversary and Pokemon Go coming out how have those two factors played a part in the popularity of the Pokemon theme song?

As people play GO and are reminiscing and enjoying more Poke-products they are playing the song on streaming sites and making videos with the song as underscore and using it in many of  their pokemon experiences.

What’s next for you?
“BOTH A Hard Days Silent Night”
My Beatles Gospel Nativity Christmas Show. At Atwater Villiage Theaters Dec 16-20 tix at Openfist.org
As well as some more videos to post on my Youtube channel and ill be attending some Comicons- Sacanime Jan 6&7
Yorkshire cosplay con June3&4

What social media do you use?
FB instagram twitter youtube

Describe being a musician in 5 words or less
Music is sound and silence.

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