Entertainment Spotlight : Actor Jimmy Dempster


When did you know wanted to be an actor?

I knew I wanted to be an Actor when I was an extra on my first film experience..I remember thinking this is cool but watching the “principals” and thinking “I can do that..I’m going to do that.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about being an actor that
they may not already know?

Get into this business because you love it and it’s your passion. You have to truly love this business to stay with it cause it’s certainly not for the money especially not right away. It took me almost 4 years before I got my first lead as well as costar role on a television show..a lot of that had to do with not being able to pursue acting full time as well as being based in the wrong state but just be patient and know nothing can stop you. Also it helps if you have rich parents or something haha.

How has the industry evolved over the years?

The industry has evolved in many different ways over the years. Distribution is a big one if you bust your ass and actually put a few bucks in you have a shot at getting your project co-funded if needed and out there in some form or another. Also a big thing now that helps tremendously is social media..twitter facebook instagram etc.. can really help you get the word out and push your project along to the people who may be interested..in the old days a film came and went and was almost never heard from again,but these days with so many platforms out there you stand a much better chance of getting your product seen.

What’s the craziest thing to happen on set?

One of the craziest things to happen on a set was during a short film I co produced, casted and starred in back in 2013 called “Punisher Outbreak” there was a scene where a zombie jumps out of a tree and I am suppose to shoot him. The extra over estimated his landing and when I raised my gun to get him he landed on my arm forcing the gun to crack my skull. I had a giant bump on my forehead the size of a baseball lol. We finished the day and when I went in to get looked at they said I had suffered a slight concussion. When asked if I was ok I just kept repeating “did you get the shot ?” was all that really mattered to me..I have since then become great friends with the film maker and worked  with him twice since including the lead in a feature film right now that will wrap Dec 2016.

What’s next for you?

As of this interview I just wrapped a quick part in a film called “Dark Roads 79” costarring alongside Shania Karolat (Tyler Manes Daughter). The premiere is actually tonight in Atlanta and will be available on dvd/vod next year. I have just joined “The Walking Dead” as a Savior for the end of season 7 and hopefully takes me into season 8 and beyond. My new slasher film “One Night Of Fear” debuts on Amazon VOD and Amazon Prime November 30th 2016 and my first lead role is in a film called “BOX” which I co produce as well is a psychological horror thriller and costars Kylie Szymanski who played Penny The Governors Daughter on (The Walking Dead).

What social media do you use? I am on twitter @ActorJimmyD as well as fb https://www.facebook.com/JimmyDempster/  Also check out One Night Of Fear and Box on fb and twitter.

Describe being an actor in 5 words or less


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